Bethesda's Pete Hines defends their paid mods scheme, reiterates "mini-DLCs"

Remember, Bethesda used 'we want everyone to play at the same time' to explain why they will stop sending review copies early to people. Meanwhile, they were sending them early to influencers/youtubers with exactly ZERO editorial integrity.

Bethesda is shady as fuck.
Seeing as that this company once sold us horse armor, I fully believe that Pete Hines believes that this is "mini-DLC". I see it as gross and yet another reason I will never buy a Bethesda game that isn't used.
What's really stupid about it is that it is it's own thing for Fallout 4, and not some HUB (I thought it'd be a HUB) for all of Bethesda's games.
I find the backlash against an official method through which mod creators can charge people for the hours of work they put into their content if they choose too kind of odd.

Of course, there are bad parts about it. Like the bethesda points used for purchasing being akin to microsoft points.
so pete hines logic

Paid mods = The modders charging and setting the price point.

Creation club = Bethesda determins the price point and charges

therefore a Mini DLC, as it is published and priced and charged by beth.
Why do PR people still get into arguments on Twitter. You are never going to win. Just answer direct questions whenever you can, don't try to convince people of shit. It always looks foolish, even if you might mean well or it is your actual opinion.
creation club isn't paid mods because paid mods is when modders receive for their mods and creation club will chomp most of the money for bethesda

get it straight guys!
I like his adamant stance that it's new and hasn't existed before when Valve's been doing this since 2010 with the Mannconomy update in TF2.
There's a rumour circling around that modders are not getting royalties for their work, just a 1 time payment, if this is true, then on top of everything else, creation club is even worse than what they've previously attempted.

And Fallout 4 was a smooth 30fps on PS4.

Yeah, sure Pete.
His twitter handle should be Peter Peter bullshit speaker
Not sure that I disagrees that much about what they're saying that the content actually is, but with them not being satisfied with calling it DLC, and introducing something called "Creation Club", after previously trying to launch paid mods, they kinda shoot themselves in the marketing foot here.

I wouldn't actually mind them doing a DLC program, with them continuing to produce content for their games instead of abandoning them after the intial season passes, and welcoming other devs to produce content as well. But after such a weak start to the program, it's hard to be optimistic about the content actually being something worthwhile.