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Black Ops 3 Details leak

The thrust jumps sound more akin more horizontal jumping than vertical boost jumping. So more approaching on Titanfall's movement system.

Where is that post that predicted Black Ops 3 would basically be Titanfall in terms of movement? That guy was spot on.
BTW its worth noting Zombies has an actual campaign with a narrative. Theres a real storyline this time and it appears to be set in modern day


"Tailored Map Design"
Don't let us down Treyach. The last 2 CoD's have flopped in that regard.

Nori Chan

Similar to Exo movements? Trash

No dolphin diving? Trash

holy shit I'm buying cod for something other than competitive mp what is this
So, is gonna be like survival FPS?

Or just blow up Zombies tactically?

Will headshots and/or immolations be mandatory, is what I'm asking...

Card Boy

I always felt like the Treyarch CODs where becoming more like Halo and Halo was becoming more like Corridor Hallway shooter COD. All Black Ops 2 needed was Death Cards (Skulls) and co-op campaign and it would of being a done deal.

Just take the best stuff from W@W and Black Ops 2.

edit: judging from that first pic, i think Death Cards might be back.


The game is set in 2064 and they're using an old carbine? That's like if you played through Modern Warfare using this:

Hope they're more imaginative in the reveal.


Only part that worries me is the movement... Sounds like exo jumping is back, which I really dont like... But Treyarch always makes the best CoDs... I believe in them.


Back when halo 3 vs CoD 4 was a thing, if you'd told people then that all CoDs would one day have "stupid" jetpacks and sci-fi storylines, people would have sent you death threats.

Don't get me wrong, I quite like the direction they've taken the series, it just makes me chuckle when I think back.

Nice to see Zombies is getting even more expansive, can never go wrong with a bit of zombies!
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