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Blizzard working on a new mobile game


This has been implied for a very long time, but this is the first job posting we've seen confirming it.

To be clear, this is in the Incubation department, which is for new games. There is a separate Tools Engineer job for Hearthstone and that explicitly mentions Hearthstone everywhere in it and has different general text.

This is also separate from the new First Person game, which is not a mobile title, and the new Diablo game, which is also not a mobile title.

For the curious, without prompting, one of the top Blizzard executives once talked about how great they felt the StarCraft and Overwatch brands were for mobile, so smart money is for this to be one of those two brands.

I'm personally guessing Overwatch, since my guess is that the first person game is StarCraft given who is most likely directing it, but that is purely speculation on my part.

Job: https://careers.blizzard.com/en-us/openings/oMZ64fwF

Incubation • Irvine

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a talented and enthusiastic software engineer to contribute to Blizzard’s mobile gaming efforts. In this role, you will create tools that will empower our talented designers and artists. The ideal candidate will be self-directed, and have proficiency with developing powerful tools and content creation pipelines.

Able to work creatively in a small, nimble team environment

Experience developing mobile games
Working knowledge of the Unity development platform
Passion for playing and making games – especially mobile games
If this ends up being something Overwatch related, day one, no matter what it is.



If this ends up being something Overwatch related, day one, no matter what it is.


I could see the two brands pretty equally. South Korea is the market that spends the most money on "more traditional" games on mobile, and both brands are very valuable there.

That said, I guessed Overwatch for the reasons stated earlier.
Hoping this will be Overwatch related! I don't play OW anymore because it feels really competitive nowadays (and my skill level is too low to keep up) but I still love the characters, so getting to play with them to some capacity in a different setting would be pretty awesome.
count me in most mobile games are shit

Well it's okay if you don't like em (I don't like most but I got some I like) I just find it ironic that they hope it's Starcraft or Warcraft rather than Overwatch because those are "real" games even though the same kinds of people would say mobile games aren't video games lol.

It's pretty easy to ignore things you don't like. No reason to waste time on a crusade against mobile games anyway. Their market will only grow.



Blizzard could print all the money with an Overwatch mobile game/app. All the money.

It HAS to be that. If it's not, then it's a tester to prepare the way for that.


I'm generally of the mind that mobile games are....'shit' is too strong a word. Let's say 'less than amazing'. But there have been some pretty good time wasters and adaptions of popular franchises over the last few years, so I'm more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

What's that gif from again? I'm drawing a blank.


Imagine this:

A mobile game that, with more modest assets, added some of the social, persistent aspects of the universe that Project Titan had and were scrapped to make the more streamlined, polished Overwatch.

I want that a great deal.


it sounds very boring but i would love blizz to make starcraft 1 work on mobile.
just make the UI work do some blizz magic.

no port begging just straight port loving
I can just see the Overwatch dating sim. People can finally fulfill their fake and dying dreams of Pharmercy.
i have about 500 dollars lib on my iphone.
and yes i stand by the fact most mobile games are shit,
I only own premium games.

i agree
See I'm confused by your first paragraph and then suddenly you agree with the second one since it kinda contradicts it.


It's pretty easy to ignore things you don't like. No reason to waste time on a crusade against mobile games anyway. Their market will only grow.
It's not a crusade, we just like to explain our negative opinions about mobile gaming.

The grow rate doesn't change our idea.

Anyway, I think it will be something Overwatch related.
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