Blizzard working on a new mobile game

I can just see the Overwatch dating sim. People can finally fulfill their fake and dying dreams of Pharmercy.

See I'm confused by your first paragraph and then suddenly you agree with the second one since it kinda contradicts it.
I've given up with understanding this guys writing. :p

Lump me in with team "Mobile games can be good but the market that prefers microtransactions over paying lump sums is what's wrong." Which is a team I'm making right now.
I've enjoyed most Blizzard titles ever since the first Warcraft (having bought most except WoW and Heroes of the Storm I think). Whatever they release, I will most definitely give it a go.


Ask me about the GAF Notebook
Hearthstone works cause it's fundamentally the same game regardless of platform​, and it doesn't feel like it's a quick cash in or gacha game for $$$ based on Blizz license.

I hope whatever this new title is retains this.