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Jun 6, 2004
For sale!

•PSP Go White with soft case. Includes an 8gb memory card and slip-over leather(ish) case. Firmware 6.60, for those that need to know, so it's moddable. 100 + shipping to you.


• Bravely Default Collector's Edition. Never opened the soundtrack or pack of cards. The game will be wiped and ready for your use. $70 plus your choice of shipping.

•Diablo III Collector's Edition. All CE stuff has barely been touched, including the USB stick. Code for the game is used. $50 plus your choice of shipping.

•Last but certainly not least, a cold cast ceramic figure set from Final Fantasty VI. It's the Opera scene featuring Celes, the castle, and a stone piece that holds a title card for the scene. All pieces interior are in perfect condition. The only wear to the item is the exterior box. It's a bit yellowed and has some impact kinks on it. The entire thing is slipped around the styrofoam that the ceramic piece rests in.

Link to bigger picture.

It's a very rare collectible, officially licensed product I picked up when I visited Japan in 2001 (Collector number 1909/3000). I simply don't have anywhere to put it and it might go better with someone else's collection. There's an EBay auction for about $600 right now. I've seen one go for almost a grand before. I'm not quite so greedy. Asking $400 (plus shipping if there's a great deal of extras requested or its going overseas).

Also, does anyone have any tips for non-time consuming ways to offer up a majority of my collection for "make an offer" type of deals? I have 7 boxes full of stuff. Would it be fine to just post pictures of all the items with no list and just say "I might want to sell anything in here, PM me an offer"?


Mar 8, 2007
Xbox 360, Gears 1,2,3,Judgment, Alan Wake: 15$ for all 5 games. Digital codes
Uncharted 4 Physical Copy, 25$, includes shipping to U.S.

UPLAY Rainbow Six Siege, SOLD!

Paypal only

Lee Chaolan

Dec 21, 2012
NeoGAF + Buyer and Seller

Digital Codes for Trade/Sale

Battleborn Digital Deluxe Copy (Game + Season Pass) PS4 $42

The Division Gold Edition (Game + Season Pass) PS4 $45

Want to Trade for (but not limited to)

Doom Digital Code PS4 or XB1

Ratchet and Clank Digital Code

Mortal Kombat XL Digital Code PS4

Physical Items for Sale

If no price is listed, make an offer, PM for more pics!

Metal Gear Solid 5 CE PS4 New - $85

Fizzie plush from Sunset Overdrive

Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection Wii - New

.Hack//Quarantine PS2 - New

Xenoblade Wii with Pre-order Artbook - New

Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection Vita - New

Ni No Kuni Wizard's Edition + CE Guide PS3 - New

NieR Replicant PS3 - Like New

The Idolm@ster 2 PS3 (Greatest Hits version) - Like New

Tales of Symphonia Collector's Edition PS3 - New

PS3 Games (Like-New unless noted)
Atelier Ayesha
Atelier Escha and Logy
Atelier Rorona (original)
Atelier Totori (Limited Edition)
Atelier Meruru (New with Artbook)
Valkyria Chronicles
Soul Calibur V
Star Ocean The Last Hope International
Heavy Rain Directors Cut (sealed)

PS3 Imports
Initial D Arcade Stage
Samurai Warriors 3 Empires (New)

360 Games (Like new)
Warriors Orochi 2
Eternal Sonata
Divinity 2 Dragon Knight Saga
Dragon's Dogma

Dreamcast Games (Like New)
Soul Calibur
Rival Schools - Project Justice
Power Stone 2
Garou Mark of the Wolves

Vita Games
Virtue's Last Reward (Sealed)

GBA (Like New)
Castlevania Circle of the Moon
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

Amiibo - Captian Falcon, Dedede, Diddy Kong, Ike, Little Mac, Lucina, Marth, Pit, Robin, Rosalina, Sheik, Toad

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Watches: Yellow and Red, Brand new, only opened to confirm color and that it worked properly.

Want to Buy

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Code - 15

Feel free to send me any other offers via PM


For you.
Dec 14, 2013
First time I've really done this, so I'm trying to get all the details lined up.


Overwatch Origins Edition Digital Goodies Code, of which include...

WoW Baby Winston pet
Hearthstone Card Back
Tracer for Heroes of the Storm
In-Game portraits for StarCraft II
Mercy's Wings for Diablo III

I bought Overwatch on PS4, but really, these gifts are nothing to me since I don't really game on PC enough to justify it.

I'm willing to trade in exchange for a $20 Playstation Network Gift Card Digital Code since that's about the amount the upgrade to Origins Edition would otherwise cost. PM if interested.
The 20$ upgrade would give people the overwatch skins though, while your code does not.


Jul 26, 2005
First time I've really done this, so I'm trying to get all the details lined up.


Overwatch Origins Edition Digital Goodies Code, of which include...

WoW Baby Winston pet
Hearthstone Card Back
Tracer for Heroes of the Storm
In-Game portraits for StarCraft II
Mercy's Wings for Diablo III

I bought Overwatch on PS4, but really, these gifts are nothing to me since I don't really game on PC enough to justify it.

I'm willing to trade in exchange for a $20 Playstation Network Gift Card Digital Code since that's about the amount the upgrade to Origins Edition would otherwise cost. PM if interested.
If you dont get any offers ill take it for free!

Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
Jun 14, 2014
Selling: $30 Xbox Live Currency

Want: $25 PayPal, or I'll take $30 PSN credit (US) for an even trade :)

Plenty of positive feedback as a buyer and seller here.

Thank you! :)


you can't put a price on sparks
Apr 26, 2006
Looking to buy a Digital 8 (8mm tape) camera with a firewire connection built in if anyone is looking to part with theirs.

obviously would like to have it in good, working condition.


Aug 26, 2005
Prices : shipping fees already included, 15% off for multiple purchases (2 or more games)
Delivery Method : Japan Post Air Mail, tracked service
Delivery Time : around 2-3 weeks
Payment : Paypal only (buyer pays commissions, around 5%)

PM if interested, please

*** SATURN JPN ***

X-Men vs. Street Fighter RAM Pack - $41 (shipped)

Vampire Savior RAM Pack - $37 (shipped)

Chou Aniki - $63 (shipped)

The King of Fighters 97 - $25 (shipped)

Street Fighter Zero - $14 (shipped)

Marvel Super Heroes - $33 (shipped)

World Heroes Perfect - $22 (shipped)

Advanced V.G. - $28 (shipped)

Gunbird - $33 (shipped)

Shining Force III Scenario 2 - $27 (shipped)

Samurai Spirit 3 - $19 (shipped)

Real Bout Fatal Fury RAM Pack - $36 (shipped)

Macross Do You Remember Love? - $20 (shipped)

Steep Slope Sliders - $13 (shipped)

Popoitto Hebereke - $12 (shipped)

Breakthru! - $12 (shipped)

*** NEO GEO CD JPN ***

The King of Fighters 94 - $12 (shipped)

Fatal Fury 3
- $12 (shipped)

Art of Fighting 3 - $27 (shipped)

Last Resort - $45 (shipped)


The King of Fighters 99 Dream Match - $13 (shipped)

Jet Set Radio - $15 (shipped)

Shenmue - $18 (shipped)


Skies of Arcadia - $62 (shipped)


Sep 25, 2007
I have a fairly good starter Dreamcast collection I am looking to sell. I have failed to sell the lot a few times on here just because I didn't have a drive to really be motivated on the sale. I really need to trim my collection down and focus on what I want, and I am starting up a wedding photography kit and I need the cash. Here's what I have:

Loose games (don't have the case):

House of the Dead 2 
Sonic Adventure
Demolition Racer
Star Wars Episode I Racer
Mortal Kombat Gold
Star Wars Episode I Jedi Power Battles
Unreal Tournament
Jet Grind Radio
Phantasy Star Online
Star Wars Demolition

I have the case but not the front manual:

Gauntlet Legends

Have the case. Good condition.

Last Blade 2
Sega Bass Fishing
Silent Scope 
Marvel VS Capcom  
Marvel VS Capcom 2 
NBA 2K1 
Sega Rally 2 
Grandia II  (2 copies)
Virtua Tennis 
Rippin' Riders 
Crazy Taxi 2 
NFL 2K1 
NFL Blitz 2000 
Soul Calibur 
Sega GT 
Looney Tunes Space Race 
Hydro Thunder 
Tony Hawks Pro Skater
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 (2 copies)
Daytona USA
Ms. Pac-man Maze Madness
Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver
Sonic Adventure
The King of Fighters Evolution
Street Fighter III Double Impact
Sega Smash Pack Vol. 1
Virtua Fighter 3TB
Quake III Arena
Tomb Raider The Last Revelation
Trick Style
Fighting Force 2
Jet Grind Radio
Crazy Taxi
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter III Third Strike
Web Browser 1.0
Web Browser 2.0
Shenmue Limited Edition
Skys Of Arcadia
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Project Justice
18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Couple of grey consoles. 2 OEM grey controllers, 2 OEM translucent controllers. OEM Keyboard, 2 Starfire light guns, handful of VMU's, an Agetec Arcade Stick (green goblin),

If you are serious about buying I of course can take pictures of whatever. I did a quick ebay/pricelisting check and ended up right at $1300-1400 depending on which list you use.

No fees to sell here, and I am not looking for maxed pricing for a whole collection.

I am looking for $900 shipped/insured via USPS Priority for everything listed, which should just about pay for half of one of the camera lenses I am buying (ugh).

Please send me a message with any inquiries. Really need to part ways with my little collection and I don't know if ebay is really the way I want to go.

I was NeoGAF+ on the old feedback and I have 33 positive transactions on the feedback list since it switched.

Damage Inc

Gold Member
Nov 10, 2013
Anyone selling a Witcher 3 Steam code for cheap?

Also interested in the new TMNT game and Overwatch PC.


May 30, 2009

Overwatch metal plate - $14

Overwatch digital goodies code - $4
(code = World of Warcraft - Baby winston pet
Hearthstone - Card Back
Heroes of the Storm - Tracer Hero
Starcraft 2 - In-Game Portraits
Diablo 3 - Mercy's Wings)

Valkyria Chronicles remastered PS4 - $23



Sep 14, 2006

- 2x Summon Night 5 LE with Shipping Box (Variants A, E, F) $65 shipped each
- 2x Nintendo Kanji cover plates $35 shipped each OBO
- Metal Gear Solid V PS4 CE (open LE box, like new, game sealed, codes unused) $80 shipped
- Titanfall Atlas statue $80 OBO + actual shipping (got the XBO CE box or can send it in another box, your choice)
- Skyrim Dragon $50 OBO + actual shipping (got the PC box, a bit beaten though. Can send it in it or another box, your choice)
- Majora's Mask 3DS Skull Kid statue + LE box $30 shipped

I accept Paypal. If you use Paypal goods, please cover the fee. PM me for pictures.
Nov 24, 2015
Seattle, WA
All prices include shipping. PayPal ONLY. Send as FF/ Gift. Due to shipping cost US only

Majoras Mask 3D, 3DS, Used- $30 (Small indent on the top left corner of the mask in the logo. Picture was hard to get a shot of and does not show up that good.

Would also trade for one of the following, Super Smash Bros. 3DS complete, or Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam complete. Game & Wario (Wii U) complete, Kirby (Wii U) complete

A few Digital movie codes. (if the code does not work PM me and I can refund your money) $8 for all 3

-Lords of Salem
-Breaking Bad 5th Season
-Breaking Bad Final Season


Feb 7, 2011

20% Off PSN Discount Code that comes with new PS4 bundles. I know it's included with the Uncharted 4 LE bundle, but not 100% sure on the Call of Duty bundle.

Will pay $5 PayPal.


I can't *believe* these lazy developers keep making file sizes so damn large. Btw, how does technology work?
Apr 25, 2011

Pokemon Firered - $35 *sealed*
Pokemon Leafgreen -$35 *mint/like new*
Pokemon Gold - $30 *mint/crumpled creases on box*
Pokemon Sapphire -$40 *mint/like new*
Pokemon Ruby - $40 *sealed*
Pokemon Soulsilver - $40 *mint/like new* *comes with Pokewalker

Never played; willing to accept bundle deal.

Paypal | Shipping to Canada/US only.

Thank you.
PM'd! You'll make my good friend's month!


Mar 6, 2009
Looking to sell sealed copies of -

Final Fantasy VIII (Pal)

Xenogears (NTSC)

Want around £50 each but feel free to PM me any questions or offers. Thanks.


Mar 30, 2006
Some of these items don't have prices. I'm flexible on everything listed, so feel free to make an offer :)

Nintendo 64

• Conker's Bad Fur Day (USA) - all contents like new, box has light wear: $120
• Bomberman 64 (USA) - wear to box: $40
• Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (USA) - some wear to box/manual: $90 SOLD


• Club Nintendo Mario controller - controller in excellent condition, box has light wear: $190
• Nintendo E-Catalogue 116 (JP) - disc in excellent condition, light tear on back of packaging: $22

Game Boy Advance/micro

*** Note: Game Boy Advance/micro hardware/software is region-free ***

• Final Fantasy Advance limited edition Game Boy micro - all contents like new, but very minor wear to screen (noticeable under bright light when system is off) and outer box: $250
• Game Boy micro silver edition (charger not included) - body in excellent condition, but some wear on faceplate: $90 SOLD
• Game Boy micro black edition + charger - body in excellent condition, very minor scratches on faceplate (noticeable under bright light when system is off): $100

• Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (JP) - very good condition: $15
• Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2 (JP) - very good condition: $15
• Wario Ware Twisted (JP) - very good condition: $10
• Rhythm Tengoku (JP) - like new: $30
• It's Mr Pants (USA) - excellent condition: $15

Nintendo DS

*** Note: Nintendo DS software is region-free ***

All games in the first picture are Japanese, complete with manual, and in very good condition, except:
• Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt is US edition
• Children of Mana has a fold on its manual

• Children of Mana: $10
• Ni no Kuni: $15
• Ryusei no Megaman/Rockman Pegasus: $15
• Kirby's Canvas Curse: $15
• Tingle's Balloon Fight: $20
• Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love Japan: $30
• Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland: $25

• All in the second picture are case/manual only. No games are included.

Virtual Boy

• Jack Bros. (JP) (pictured in Nintendo DS photo above) - very good condition: $75
• Mario's Tennis (JP) - very good condition, but box has some wear: $15

Game Boy/Game Boy Color

*** Note: Game Boy/Game Boy Color software is region-free ***

• Game Boy Wars (JP) - good condition: $25
• All games in the second picture are Japanese. I assume that the games which contain batteries are dead now, but I don't have a console to test them on.

Things that aren't pictured yet

• Earthbound (cart only, excellent condition): $195
• Sharp SF1 Super Famicom controller: $60
• Wii U, Japanese, with some downloaded retail games and the Mario Kart DLC
• N64 controllers: gold (x2), transparent aqua blue (x2), transparent violet
• Super Famicom consoles
• Super Famicom controllers
• Various US SNES games
• Various Super Famicom games
• Various Famicom games
• Various N64 (JP) games
• Various PS1 (JP) games
• Various Saturn (JP) games
• Some Dreamcast and PS2 games (JP)

3DS original (blue), UK, very good condition, includes installed software:
• Donkey Kong Country Returns
• Dillon's Rolling Western
• The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary
• 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure
• 3D Classics Kid Icarus
• 3D Classics Excitebike
• Virtual Console Balloon Fight
• Virtual Console Donkey Kong Jr
• Virtual Console Ice Climber
• Virtual Console Mario & Yoshi
• Virtual Console Metroid
• Virtual Console NES Open
• Virtual Console Super Mario Bros.
• Virtual Console Wrecking Crew
• Virtual Console The Legend of Zelda
• Virtual Console Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
• Virtual Console F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
• Virtual Console Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
• Virtual Console Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
• Virtual Console The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
• Virtual Console Mario vs Donkey Kong
• Virtual Console Mario Kart Super Circuit
• Virtual Console Metroid Fusion
• Virtual Console Wario Land 4
• Virtual Console Wario Ware, Inc.
• Virtual Console Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

• Panasonic Q (SL-GC10 GameCube DVD player) new in box
This unit is pristine. The packaging looks as if it was printed only yesterday. The ink looks fresh, deep, and vibrant, while the white parts of the box are a dental-clean bright white. The seals of the box look newly-applied and have suffered no damage, the tiny perforations at the edges of the cardboard are sharp, the label with the serial number and barcode is perfect, and the warranty label was removed very carefully. As a bonus, this unit was part of the initial shipment, and as such has the low serial number of "3555".
Speaking as an eager collector of Panasonic Qs who searched a long time for a new in box system, I can say quite confidently that this really is a one of a kind.
I'm thinking about auctioning this unless I get a good offer. But I would much prefer it to go to a GAF member rather than some random eBayer.

• Panasonic Q complete in box
The system is in excellent condition, with only very minor cosmetic wear to the handles. The controller and remote are like new. The box has noticeable fading and wear while the original seal is peeling (but still completely in tact), but is otherwise in good shape. The manual is in very good condition. Includes the original Japanese power and RGB cables.

• Panasonic Q complete without box/manual
The system is in excellent condition, with slight cosmetic wear to the handles and minor cosmetic wear to the front panel which is only noticeable when highlighted upon very close inspection. The controller is in very good condition and the remote is like new. Includes the original Japanese power and RGB cables.

• Panasonic Q complete without box/manual
As above (with very good condition original controller, remote, and cables) but with some wear to the handles and light cosmetic damage to the front panel. Needs a belt replacement for the drive as it sometimes will stick.

• Panasonic Q SH-GB10 Game Boy Player (GBP attachment only)
The Game Boy Player has some cosmetic wear (looks like green/white paint which seems to be removable) and one of the feet's screws has some rest. All cosmetic wear is obscured when connected to the console.


Global shipping! I'll calculate it based on your location and the size/weight of whatever you're interested in. For most items (software) this usually isn't more than a few dollars, depending on where you live.

Thanks for looking :)


Dec 19, 2010
Just Cause Collection steam key $2
Indigo Prophecy Remastered steam key $2
Grav steam key $1
Dragon Age Origins steam key $1
Meltdown steam gift $1
Gyromancer & Yosumin steam key $1
Cities: Skylines steam key, region locked, for Central and South Americans only $2.5
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin steam gift, region locked, for Southeast Asia only $11
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain steam gift, region locked, for Southeast Asia only $17.5
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 steam gift, region locked, for Southeast Asia only $10

Paypal gift


Jul 11, 2013

Tales of Destiny (PS1)
Tales of Destiny 2 (PS1)
Skies of Arcadia: Legends (Gamecube)

Looking for complete, mint or damn close to it copies. Please send me an offer.


Jul 15, 2010
Have US PayPal and most stuff (all) is OBO, so feel free to ask. We both have a set price we are looking for, I just ask for politeness. Trading is also an option. Also keep in mind I live in the +8 timezone.


These codes come from my wife's PC purchase:

Counter Strike Global Offensive: $10 OBO / Trade

World of Tanks Promo New Accounts:

2 Codes for: 6$ per code
500 in-game gold
30 Days of Premium

3 Codes for: 4$ per code
5 days of Premium
Tank Garage Slot

Now these are from Humble Bundle Monthly:

Rocket League - $10
Nova-111 - $1
Avalance 2: Super Avalanche - $1
JumpJet Rex $1
Fran Bow $1

Steam Gift Inventory:

How To Survive - Storm Warning Edition - OBO / Trade

I also have an extra 5,000 YEN JPN PSN GIFT CARD for sale (I can buy them locally)! $55

Would trade most of these things together for something like Salt & Sanctuary.

Rogue Agent

Feb 19, 2013
Yorkshire, England, UK.
WTS (PM if interested)

Condition: New (seal has been removed)
£31 *

* Important Information
I accept PayPal.
All prices include Paypal fees.
I ship to both the UK and Europe.
For UK: Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For (free delivery)
For Europe: Signed or Tracked, depending on availability (£4 delivery charge)


Jan 19, 2012
WTB: Homura's Crimson Squad Cards from the Estival Versus pack. They can be open, heck I just need the Mirai cards and I will pay decently for them. FOUND


Apr 14, 2005
WTB: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Season Pass and Dreadful Crimes DLC codes from nuuvem. Willing to pay ~$25 USD, should come out to less than $18 with code BEMVINDO10 if anyone from the region can help me out :)


Sep 8, 2009
For sale is my month and a half old ASUS laptop. I purchased it from Newegg on 4/10, and it has been used for probably less than 20 hours since then. As a longtime Mac user, I bought this as a cheap option to replace a Macbook Air that died, thinking I'd save some money. Turns out I do not like Windows 10, so I'm going to go back to some sort of Apple product.

Physically, I don't see any marks/blemishes on it, and pixels on screen are all good. Specs per newegg are as follows:

ASUS Laptop X Series X555DA-WS11

  • AMD A10-Series A10-8700P (1.80 GHz)
  • 8 GB Memory 1 TB HDD
  • AMD Radeon R6 Series
  • 1366 x 768 15.6"
  • Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
  • [SATA] 8.9 mm 8X Super Multi with Double Layer
Current list price at Newegg is $399. I'm asking $320 all in via PayPal.

Positive selling history on GAF; far more selling (and selling significantly more expense and fragile stuff) on wristwatch forums, so plenty of references all around.

Feel free to let me know if you think my pricing if off base. More interested in getting this out of my house than in squeezing every last dollar out of the sale.


Apr 18, 2015

The Talos Principle (PS4, Physical, $20 or Under)
Far Cry 4 (PS4, Physical)
Uncharted 4 (Physical, Below Amazon Prime Price)
Overwatch (PS4, Physical, Below Amazon Prime Price)
Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition (PS4, Physical)
PSN Credit (15-20% Discount)
Stellaris (Below Steam Price)


20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 (New, Unopened)
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