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Dead Island Redux pops up in retail for PS4, Xbox One and PC


So I was browsing through a local games and toys shop online here in Holland and suddenly I see Dead Island Redux listed for PS4, Xbox One and PC. There is no cover or release date but it says published by Deep Silver, the same publisher that did the Metro Redux game earlier in the year. So I guess we can expect a similiar set up as that game; uprezzed game with some enhancements and all the DLC in one box. Priced at €39,99, also the same as Metro did when it released. I googled the name Dead Island Redux but no other listings are any mentions came up so I guess they are leaking it early or its an error, but Bart Smit is a pretty big shop here in Holland so I don't think its an error.

The description reads: "Dead Island Redux is a combination of natural beauty, bloody horror and violence. Dead Island Redux is a survival adventure set in an open world"

Should be the same of this, popped up in july



I wonder if it's gonna have good quest design, shooting that actually (kind of) works, fun mobility, or any of the other details that made Dying Light a much, much better game than Dead Island.
A compilation was already hinted a few months ago:

They're looking for a quick buck, nothing more. The series got eaten by zombies after Riptide since Escape Dead Island was a disaster and Dead Island 2 was cancelled/put on hold. Anyway we've got Dying Light from Techland (original developers of DI1 and DI Riptide) so there's no point in going back.

Not cancelled, neither put on hold. They just delayed it from Spring 2015 to 2016.


I enjoyed those games, so I'll get them when they get cheaper for a replay.
But of course, the priority goes to rebuying Dying Light once its DLC comes out. That game is my GOTY 2015.
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