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Death Stranding Announced: A Kojima Productions Game


Starring Norman Reedus.

Info from Geoff Keighley Interview with Kojima on YouTube:

- No involvement from Del Toro
- Kojima Productions logo has nothing to do with the game, it's just a logo
- It's an action game
- Game setting is still secret
- Kojima won't say the name of the main character
- Game will take "some time" to make, don't expect it soon
- Game name is related to the stranding of something that is dead, like a whale on a beach, something from some other world comes to a new place

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2nuHEGhwiw




Is this how it feels for straight dudes playing games with boobs flying around everywhere? Kojima here to even out the playing field! Most unique trailer of E3 so far.


Neo Member
This was some proper garbage imho.

edit: The only cool thing were the 5 spaceships at the end, but the rest was completely random.


Actual real-life megaton.

Didn't expect that announcement for years, and we won't get it for a long time but DAMN it was fucking cool to see. My jaw literally hit the floor.


The first legitimately exciting thing i've seen this E3.

Looks/Sounds/Feels Kojima as fuck and that's exactly what I want.


Omg I want it NAO.

Seriously though, I am so thrilled that Kojima is working with Sony and I will play anything that man touches.

Also - that totally felt like a metaphor for what went down with Konami.


At first I thought it said "Death Standing". But then I saw it was actually "Stranding", and I realized this was named by someone whose native language is not English.


Becomes baffled, curling up into a ball when confronted with three controller options.
Did that baby come from his stomach?

If so, this is awesome


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This looked fucking amazing! I never expected Kojima to turn up with something to show this quickly and boy did he. The craziness is exactly what I wanted out of him forming his own studio.

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Whatever this is, it looks really fucking cool.


As an Sony employee, Sony keeps everything hidden until E3 but luckily my group found out a day before...Like I said earlier, expect big surprises tonight :)
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