Destiny: April Update Preview

Jul 29, 2013

Over the next three Wednesdays, Bungie will be showcasing some of the things and changes coming with the big April Update. Today, March 23, is the first of said three streams. The team over at Bungie will be discussing some of the new things Destiny players will be able to do once the update is live in today's stream.

Destiny Update 2.2.0 (April Update) will deploy on April 12th, 2016.

Highlights To Look Forward To
  • New PVE Challenges
  • New and Updated Gear
  • New Quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike
  • Increased Max Light and Rewards
  • Sandbox and Crucible Updates
  • And more…

April Update Preview: New Things to Do
Wednesday, March 23rd – 11AM Pacific (starting in 10 minutes)

April Update Preview: New Things to Earn
Wednesday, March 30th – 11AM Pacific

April Update Preview: Sandbox and Crucible Updates
Wednesday, April 6th – 11AM Pacific

You can catch all this on Bungie's Twitch channel:

(I will be updating this post with all the information from all three streams over the upcoming weeks.)

From the March 23rd stream
  • Light level is being increased from 320 to 335
  • New Bounties
  • New questline called Pretender of the Throne
  • Exclusive PlayStation questline from Petra
  • New PoE exclusive bounties available from Variks
  • PoE is being brought up to current endgame levels
  • New PoE challenge called Challenge of the Elders
  • With the exception of Challenge of the Elders, PoE will have matchmaking
  • Challenge of the Elders is level 42 with a recommended light level of 320
  • Variks sells an item called Elders Sigil for 100 glimmer
  • Elders Sigil is a scorecard. Reaching certain points will guarantee you a weapon and a piece of armor.
  • 30k points challenge gets you a guarantee weapon
  • 90k points challenge nets you a piece of armor
  • Gear found in the Challenge of Elders can drop with a light level as high as 335
  • New Taken boss called Malok
  • Archon Priest boss will have a Taken version
  • Challenge of Elders is a 3 rounds activity with no Treasure Room at the end like other PoE challenges
  • Elders Sigil Score is team based
  • Variks Bounties are Weekly. Will reset each weekly reset.
  • New shaders
  • New gear
  • New questlines
  • Loot drops in Normal King's Fall have been increased to light level 320
  • Loot drops in Hard Mode King's Fall have been increased to light level 330
  • Artifacts drops in Court of Oryx has been increased to light level 335
  • Prison of Elders will have checkpoints Bungie: PoE will NOT have checkpoints
  • Treasure Keys are no longer needed to open the big chest in the Treasure Room

Thanks Ruthless

Kings Fall Normal now drops at 320, Hard at 330, Court of Oryx gives 335 Artifacts.

GameInformer has a bunch of screenshots for the April Update here

From the March 30th stream:
  • New armor lines called Desolate and Spektar
  • New item called Chroma that can be applied to weapons and armor
  • Chroma comes in four different colors
  • Chroma is independent of shaders
  • New sparrows
  • New emotes (Just Do It, Praise The Sun, and more)
  • New Ghosts
  • Old year one weapons will now drop from legendary engrams and can infused up to 335
  • New Queen weapons
  • A new item called Sterling Box
  • These boxes can give you a Chroma, ship, Desolate armor, Spektar armor, or a Vanguard/Crucible/Faction rep booster (all RNG)
  • a piece of Desolate or Spektar armor is a gurantee drop from the Treasure Chest
  • You can get Sterling Boxes once a week from the Postmaster, a new Weekly Crucible thing, and PoE 41/42
  • You can also buy a box for 200 Silver
  • PoE exotics are getting the Year 2 treatment
  • Abandoned Quests kiosk over at the Reef
  • Infusion will now give 100% value
  • New gear for New Monarchy, FWC, and Dead Orbit
  • Can disable HUD
  • New Taken-ized sword and weapons

Exotics being brought over to Year 2 can be seen here:

Desolate Armor Line:
Spektar Armor Line (Warlock and Titan pictured. Will update with a hunter pic later):
Items you can get from a Sterling Treasure box:

April 6th stream:

  • No sprint revives
  • Revives takes a bit longer if you'er using Alpha Lupi or the Warlock's fast revive exotic helm
  • Overshield from reviving and being revived is less powerful now
  • Need to be a bit more closer to revive
  • Additional 2 seconds to revive timer for Trials. If you die again, it's an additional 7 seconds. 1st death = 5 seconds, 2nd = 7 seconds, 3rd = 14 seconds (this is in a single round)
  • Special ammo is being changed again.
  • You spawn with special ammo again everywhere. (basically, they reversed the previous special ammo change)
  • Special ammo box will spawn a bit more later now.
  • Heavy only spawns once a match now.
  • Spawns after 5 minutes.
  • Changes doesn't affect Elimination, Trials, or Mayhem.
  • Increase Legendary drops in Crucible
  • Mercury Chest will now drop armor and weapons with light level up to 335
  • Trials bounties may reward you with weapons/armor up to 330
  • Guaranteed Iron Banner artifacts and ghosts from rank 3 and 5 packages are now 320
  • Iron Banner bounty that requires you to complete a match with 2500 points will now require you get 1500 and a match completion to complete the bounty
  • Auto Rifles: Based damage for bullet hoses are coming down a bit
    - Based damage for low rate of fire ARs like Suros Regime is coming up
  • Hand cannon: Increasing ammo inventory
  • Snipers: Changes on zoom distance (RIP shortgaze)
    - Two additional frames of zoom time
    - Snapshot nerf (from 30% to 20%)
    - Stability is reduced a bit for snipers all around
  • Pulse Rifles: Based damage for guns like Spare change is coming up a bit
  • Fusion Rifles: blanket stability increase
  • Exotics
  • Mida Multi Tool: removing High Caliber Rounds
    - Less flinch
  • Suros Regime: spinning perk will kick in a little later (4 bullets later than usual)
    Focus Fire got a range buff
  • Hawkmoon: Range got increased a bit
  • Last Word: Hip Fire boost got nerfed. Bad.
  • Thorn: minimized DoT damage
    - Reduced duration of pulse
  • Ice Breaker: you will no longer get ammo from switching this to a different weapon (RIP IB switch tactic)
  • Less ammo in the backpack for everything in everything (PvE and PvP)
  • Heavy will now drop a lot more in PvE due to changes above
  • Sidearms will no longer give ammo upon being switched out like Ice Breaker
  • Telesto projectiles will no longer do damage to your teammates
  • Dreg's Promise is getting a buff
  • 1k Yard Stare will have less bullets in the inventory now
  • Heavy Machine gun is getting its inventory reduced.
  • Global reload speed buff for every single weapon
  • AR is getting a stability increase
  • Sunsinger:
    - lower flame shield
    - reduce flame shield frequency
    - Radiance + Fireborn doesn't last as long
  • Stormcaller:
    - super drains a lot faster now if spamming your lightning
    - perk that adds an aura around does a bit more damage in PvE
  • Voidwalker is getting a bit of a buff
Jun 28, 2013
Need a good reason to keep playing Destiny until the fall expansion, especially when I have DS3, DOOM, UC4, and Mirror's Edge: Catalyst that are gonna want to steal me away for the summer.

Even the fall expansion needs to impress to keep me away from Deus Ex: MD, FFXV, Persona 5 (fingers crossed?), and Horizon: Zero Dawn (and others).
Aug 21, 2014
Just the perfect timing, mid-April when I'll be already done with The Division. Gimme higher light level and new gear, I'm ready to get back to Destiny after an almost half-year hiatus.