Destiny: April Update Preview

Sep 23, 2007
So PoE is getting a boost to Endgame level, have they said anything about the first two raids?

Destiny will always be king, regardless of any other game. 100k on twitch, and its just a stream about new stuff.
"Just a stream about new stuff"

You realize that so many people are watching BECAUSE it is new stuff, right?
The game hasn't had any content most people wanted for months now.


Steroid Distributor
Jun 11, 2004
It was a year 1 plan.

Then it was a year 2 plan.

And today, we're learning that the trend continues, indefinitely. Don't give me this "vote with your wallet" stuff.

If the community wasn't so starved for new content it wouldn't matter as much if the PlayStation got an exclusive quest.
But right now it looks like Xbox gets a single quest and PlayStation gets double that with two quests.

If it was 7 for Xbox and 8 for PlayStation it's a completely different story.
Oct 4, 2007
not sure why they mention bounties as positives--such a damn chore

Might be in if the new POE is fun, but I don't have any interest in hitting the new level cap. Next expansion will shit out 335 blues from the first grub that dies from one shot of a sidearm most likely
Nov 4, 2014
Southern California
Division doesn't have any end game activities, though.

Pretty easy to say you have matchmaking for everything when you don't have everything.
Yes it does. challenge Missions are estebtially end game right now and are pretty tough. I understand no raid MM but for POE? It should absolutely have MM for thay even for highest level.

I don't get why people even question this. If you dont like MM with randoms then you don't have to... What's so wrong with options?
Sep 9, 2013
Update sounds good but some of this stuff is long overdue. PoE expansion should've been there from the start or added sooner than April.

This is the type of content that I wanted since they started with the micro-transactions and the "events".

I will play it and it sounds good. Shame it took so long.
May 17, 2013
I use matchmaking to find a group to do challenging mode in The Division every day just fine. And we even speak to eachother. Who would thought
Because you can easily out gear the content in The Division. There's still a massive difference between The Division challenge mode story missions and Destiny Hard Mode raids.

I've done both, Kings Fall Hard Mode would be a nightmare in matchmaking the majority of the time. An in game LFG is really what they need, not random matchmaking.

As for the content announced, not sure it'll bring me back... I was a big PoE fan but I just dunno, all seems meh.