Dissidia Final Fantasy ARCADE ANNOUNCED! [Update: Trailer + Info]


Gives all the fucks
The fact we've got someone from FF14 makes me hopeful this won't just be a quick port of Duodecim's arcade mode.

Now I wonder if we'll get FF15 represented....& if this'll eventually hit consoles or the Vita.

SERIOUSLY. CONSOLE + ONLINE....though having it on the go for quick matches as always nice.


They were asked if there will be any XV characters. Answer: unsure. lol Whatever that means.
It's an arcade game, so I'm guessing that they'll add him if the game is still a big deal when FFXV is out. Or make an upgraded version for the Arcades with new characters etc. while releasing the vanilla one for consoles.


Bane? Get them on board, I'll call it in.
Wow! Did not see this coming.

I imagine there will be some form of home release since arcade games never leave Japan these days.