Do we expect Splatoon to be the next major Nintendo I.P.?


The game finally comes out at the end of the month. Previews have praised the game, and it seems to already have a nice little fan-base.

Splatoon seems to be a competitive shooter, which is something Nintendo is practically new to. It seems to be a game with AAA written over it (great production values from one of the top developers, plus the gameplay seems to be great.) Will that make Splatoon the next big Nintendo I.P.?

Nobody is asking if the game will "save the WiiU", but how big do we expect it to be? Million seller like Mario Kart? Niche game? Cult-hit?


Sell as well as Pikmin 3. I don't think it'll be anywhere close to Mario Kart/Smash or sell as bad as W101.


It relies on taking off as a local and online multiplayer game with kids.
I think it could do well though.


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I'm going to be cautiously optimistic about it. From the looks of it, it has everything it needs to be. Marketing will have to drive it; fans will have to follow suit with fan-art, cosplay, covers, etc.


I hope so.

I do not expect anything.

I am expecting slightly better sales than wonderful 101. So no, not a major new IP.

Except for this. I expect it to do much better than W101. At least Nintendo are actually advertising Splatoon.

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it looks awesome, but if the ahooting mechanics dont feel awesome i vote bomb. hopefully theyve got whover was in charge of mariokart online near this thing as well.

i expect it will lack a lot of the good features that generate a dedicated online fanbase though.

cant wait to play it personally


I think it has potential. It won't magically become another Mario Kart or anything like that but it's exactly the kind of game that with the right marketing can become a surprise hit. With EAD in helm it certainly isn't going to bomb from the lack of quality.


Yeah, it's unfortunate but I don't think it has a chance at being a "big" thing. New IPs are sent to die these days.


I'd love it to be a new hit, but if this does make it to franchise territory, I wouldn't expect it to hit it's stride until the sequel, and lord knows that'll be a long time away.


Love Nintendo and Splatoon, but if it hits 1M WW it would already be a miracle. :(

Which is not extremely good, but not half bad either considering a 10 million userbase (or a bit less).

I don't think it will bomb, but it probably won't be earth-shattering either. It will sell good for a new ip on a struggling console.

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It'll push decent-for-wii-u numbers, they're marketing it pretty well but I don't see it having half the appeal of anything with Mario or Bros in the name. An online multiplayer focused game is an interesting problem for them, they'll need to push it fairly hard and try for long legs if they really want the IP to live. I know there's single player content but it seems clear that multi is the primary focus.

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It won't bomb but I don't think it'll do anything spectacular, people are betting on marketing making this game the next big Nintendo I.P, but that's unrealistic imo.


It will be a slow-burn IP like Pikmin. When first introduce it deosn't make much of a splash, but later on would start to get people's attention.


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I mean, did you expect Codename S.T.E.A.M. to be the next big Nintendo IP? The Wonderful 101?
Nintendo's pushing Splatoon more than both of those games combined.

By Wii U standards, it'll probably be a mid-tier success. Just enough to justify a sequel on the next console to where Nintendo can push Splatoon even harder.
It's on Wii U.

So no.

It'll bomb.

You mean the next major Nintendo bomba?

I expect it to sell around the same as the wonderful 101. At very, very best pikmin 3. And that's me being optimistic. So no I don't think it will.
Who is this "we" in the the OP? It was my understanding that NeoGAF is not a hive mind.

I myself do see it becoming as big as Nintendo wants it to be. Also, the contradictory posts in the thread thus far are hilarious.
What was the previous major?
The Wii U? :p

Just as major as Metroid and F-Zero is right now. #salty
Hey, even Metroid got a new Smash stage

Who is this "we" in the the OP? It was my understanding that NeoGAF is not a hive mind.

I myself do see it becoming as big as Nintendo wants it to be. Also, the contradictory posts in the thread thus far are hilarious.
You're wrong, it is a hive mind. Even the idea to ask if it was a hive mind was thought up by the rest of us. The posts on here are only contradictory because we decided to show multiple viewpoints.


It'll do fineish. Between Bayo 2 and Pikmin 3 in sales probably. Assuming critical reception is good (mid-80s), they'll almost certainly make a sequel and try to grow it on the next console.


I really doubt it. At least if it stays on the Wii U. Nintendo will probably refocus their efforts and release later games on the 3DS and other handhelds.


It's going to outsell all Nintendo's non-Mario/Kart/Smash/Zelda games on Wii U. Not a commercial bomb at all, that's going to be XCX.
Last "bigger" Nintendo IP was relatively succesful. I didn't see many people on this forum claiming Tomodachi Life had a chance in hell of doing what it did (1.25 million in west and counting).

3DS is way more conducive to this (Tomodachi, Animal Crossing?, Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion, Bravely Default)

Wii U is not, the closest things are Mario/Zelda spinoffs (Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad)
I'll be legit surprised if this game doesn't bomb. I guess we'd have to discuss what constitutes a bomb though considering the low user base. I should be clear though that the base isn't the reason I think it will bomb. I just don't think the game has a lot of appeal.

But yeah what is considered a bomb in sales for the wii u in terms of numbers.
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