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Clickbait Do you want to decolonize science and are Canadian? I have good news for you.


Feb 1, 2017
This project is funded by the Canadian government, citizen, rejoice.

Decolonizing Light follows complementary approaches: We are engaging Indigenous ontologies and epistemologies for knowledge creation, we are studying colonial anchor points in the history of physics in the context of light, we are studying the views of scientists on colonialism, we’re investigating the discourse on contemporary largescale light experiments, we are training Indigenous and racialized students to do research in synchrotrons, and we are encouraging and training Indigenous and racialized students to follow research questions which are not defined by us but by themselves.

The following kind people will help you in your decolonized Physics research:

"...physics education researcher and particularly interested in debates in science education that consider intersectional approaches of race, gender and SES."
"...genomics, ethics education and Indigenous knowledges through literature. "
"...and Indigenous pedagogy adviser..."
"....examines the relationship between neoliberalism, race, and environmental justice and racism on historically marginalized groups, populations and regions. "

Well, unsurprisingly:
We explicitly encourage Indigenous and racialized students to apply. For all positions, knowledge and experience in working with Indigenous communities is an asset.

Now, the Canadian government fund, that spends money on these novel ideas:

#IndigeniousOntologies i

Something is wrong either with me, or this world.
Feb 25, 2013
This might explain a bit...

"Most Americans do not see scientists as a group as particularly liberal or conservative. Nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) say they think of scientists as “neither in particular”; 20% see them as politically liberal and 9% say they are politically conservative.

In contrast, most scientists (56%) perceive the scientific community as politically liberal; just 2% think scientists are politically conservative. About four-in-ten scientists (42%) concur with the majority public view that scientists, as a group, are neither in particular.

The scientists’ belief that the scientific community is politically liberal is largely accurate. Slightly more than half of scientists (52%) describe their own political views as liberal, including 14% who describe themselves as very liberal. Among the general public, 20% describe themselves as liberal, with just 5% calling themselves very liberal.

Most scientists identify as Democrats (55%), while 32% identify as independents and just 6% say they are Republicans. When the leanings of independents are considered, fully 81% identify as Democrats or lean to the Democratic Party, compared with 12% who either identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP. Among the public, there are far fewer self-described Democrats (35%) and far more Republicans (23%). Overall, 52% of the public identifies as Democratic or leans Democratic, while 35% identifies as Republican or leans Republican.

Majorities of scientists working in academia (60%), for non-profits (55%) and in government (52%) call themselves Democrats, as do nearly half of those working in private industry (47%)."

Kagey K

Dec 18, 2013
So everyone got mad at Harper for laying off scientists, using the phrase he wants to reubuke science, and now they are doing the same by letting fables and religion dictate the science? 🤪

I just don’t understand the world sometimes. Is it fact? Is it fiction? Depends who you ask.


Formerly 'Leshita'
Jun 6, 2004
Vancouver, BC
Sometimes I wonder if they go overboard on purpose without adjusting to feedback in order to incite more anger and opposition to shift the votes in the next election.

But then again, the next phase of science seems to be a merger with the epistemological and metaphysical.
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Scotty W

Sep 29, 2019
Counter to what they want, by epistemologizing and ontologizing indiginous thought, they are perpetuating precisely the colonialism they are attempting to repudiate. #notthesewineskins


Feb 25, 2006
This is a jobs program for grievance studies people who are literally unhireable and cannot contribute anything positively to the economy. Unfortunately regular old Canadians pay the price, both in the real sense that they pay taxes and the figurative sense that their society gets dumber which leads to long-term inability to function and advance.


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
If this goes to native communities then i guess just consider it a bribe/payoff. They can investigate colonization in science and we can build our pipelines.