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Dota 2 - Monkey King (new hero) and the New Journey Update announced at TI6


I'm here in Seattle for the tournament. During the day it was announced to stay after the final match for a "special presentation". During the last match drums were set up around the room. Immediately after the match this started up:


Ended in a new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guGFT27SavM

For those out of the loop, last night was the all star match, and Underlord was shown there and will release August 23. He was the last hero that was in Dota 1 and missing from Dota 2.

Monkey King (aka Sun Wukong) was a hero that was a secret boss in Dota 1. Secret bosses take a very specific set of requirements to see and are teasers of new heroes. He was added as a boss a few years ago, and no real information has come out since.

Today he was announced and given a trailer, and will be part of the New Journey Update coming this fall!
lame. A monkey king does not fit the Warcraft theme

I Googled "Monkey King Warcraft" and this was the first result

So I guess the creators of the Warcraft theme think Monkey King fits just fine in their universe. And Valve thinks Monkey King fits just fine in their universe which is loosely based on Blizzard's universe.


Forgot about the others, what the hell, never thought a company would "trademark" characters.

Sad that pitlord is a very cool name


Wow I remember when he was first teased in Dota 1 like... three or four years ago now.

I see they kept on track!


Hoping some of the leaked(scrapped?) Dota 1 heroes come to fruition over the years. The cannon guy sounded super interesting


im guessing his ult is some sort of illusion stampede that attacks everyone in some sort of line (like weaver swarm or something)

aoe slam/stun
something with trees
dash skill?

love the design though
It took like, what, 6 years for Dota 2 to reach hero parity with Dota 1. 3 of those years were after the beta ended. Valve time is real.

Now that we're getting completely new heroes, I hope Valve has plans for fast tracking more new content for the future. I have no idea now frequent competitors like LoL releases new heroes though.


im guessing his ult is some sort of illusion stampede that attacks everyone in some sort of line (like weaver swarm or something)

Imagine if it was like that and every copy had the potential to use the orbs your hero had. All the mana burn, minibash from MKB, slow from Skadi etc.
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