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Dragon Quest Heroes II Is Downgraded On Nintendo Switch Compared To PS4 Version

MOD EDIT: Original screenshots from RuliWeb:



PS4/Switch, showing lower polygon counts:
It's not finished yet, but yeah. Switch, the portable home console, isn't as powerful as PS4 in case anyone missed that news


El Capitan Todd
Already discussed in its topic btw
Some footage is better than other, it seems in between PS3 and ps4 version (as expected)
Waiting for actual news on EU release and frame rate performance before deciding between ps4 two games I still have to buy or the double pack
The video of the live event played in multiplayer was pretty good


That game came out on PS3, so its likely going to be punching similar to that in terms of how it looks on Switch.


Frame rate doesn't look stable from the footage I've seen.

Eh the framerate in the multiplayer footage (from a stream) didn't look that bad. It clearly wasn't 60fps but it looked playable enough (for those interested in a portable version ofc), especially considering it's a rushed port for japanese launch.


Well OP i hope you are ready but on a technical level the switch is on 360/ps3/wiiu level

So yes if there is a port it gonna look like last gen and many games are not gonna have a port at all
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