DS survives trip to Mt. Everest

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How’d the Nintendo DS withstand the high altitudes?

We totally had so much electronic equipment, and I’d say the Nintendo DS held up the best of any of it…

We were using a CB radio to stay in touch and that would consistently go bad… then we’d bring it back to life…

It was because of the wind and the cold, we had a Dell computer that got fried, a Polytechnic screen that went out… we had three of the four MP3 players go bad….but the Nintendo DS units keep hanging in there…

And it was the Nintendo DS units that suffered the worst of it - they were constantly with us in our tents which were moist and cold… the were right there in our packs so they suffered a lot of wind blasts, they were dropped…

And the Sherpas would beat the (heck) out of them - they’d play with them in the kitchen where curry would get split on them, all these incredibly hot spices… and they kept on performing…

Believe me, if they went through the stuff that they went through (making the way up to Everest), I can guarantee a five-year-old can spill jelly on them and they’ll still survive… (vs. PSP)

And we played a lot of Madden… Chris was often the winner of those battles…
I can vouch for nintendo quality. I have the original 1989 gameboy bought in 1989 got as a gift when I was a kid, the gameboy was beat to hell and back, and to this day it still works.
rod said:
speaking of madden DS...any good?
don't have it but tried out my co-worker's copy. if you're fine with a ps1/n64 era football game, you might like it but i really couldn't get into it. the last 5 years of sports games have spoiled me :(

so how long is it before a DS goes into space?
Yesterday I found my DS in my drawer, I hadn't touched it for a long, long time, a few years. I tried turning it on, what do you know... Battery was full. I was in shock lol.
At first I was confused.
Then angry.
Then hungry.
Then angry again.
Now I'm proud.

For the confused: Ubisoft is offering people to become the first person to play a game on Mt Everest. Well, obviously, that's a lie, since someone already played a DS up there (as evident by this very old thread).