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E3 2009 Nintendo Conference Thread


In Front and Drawing Away
Bring it, Nintendo!



Cygnus X-1

Don't get your hopes too high please.

Anyway, it will better then last year probably (it's not that difficult).


Neo Member
I just ask one thing, do not demonstrate anything from Activision, its all been done before!

Unannounced games only please!


Thanks for starting the thread junk. Great pic as always. I mentioned in the main E3 thread but wanted to repeat it here -- Gamespot made me put in my age and there is a big disclaimer indicating that's necessary for this conference. MS and EA didn't require it. Speculation? Just Nintendo being over-protective to kids as usual?
Don't expect it to top Microsoft's amazing conference (save the first twenty minutes) but I do expect good things. Unfortunately, none of those is Zelda.

Really hope that Mario game turns out to be true.

All aboard the hype train people! :D


Felium Defensor
Bombs will be dropped. Nintendo will set the stage on fiiiiiire.
or burn themselves up
After all the awful Nintendo conferences, I feel like one of those chicks in a porno.

PLEASE! ALL OVER MY FACE! (and not back in my ass)
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