E3 2017 - Hopes. Dreams. Predictions

I don't think we'll see anything of Fractured But Whole... and I really doubt there'll be much talk about VR.

Mostly, I'm just wondering what an E3 without Peter Moore looks like...
Hopes: Some good games get ported to Switch and Virtual Console gets details and it's good

Dreams: EVERYTHING is coming to the Switch

Prediction: Nothing is coming to the Switch that we dont already know about and Nintendo don't even mention Virtual Console

I very recently sold a load of finished and/or unloved PS4 games and raised some cash for a Switch. My first hope is I don't regret this purchase before it's even arrived...

Ports of essential Wii U games - Smash, Mario 3D World (unlikely due to Odyssey but still...) and Mario Maker. A proper Pokemon.

I would also love a new Metroid. Not a Prime, a classic 2D Metroid in the style of Super Metroid or the GBA game.

Meanwhile on my main format of choice, the PS4:

A Demon's Souls remaster (or 'collection' with Dark Souls 1) would be amazing.

Looking forward to seeing RDR2, GoW and Death Stranding. Sony has a tendency of introducing me to a load of exciting new games I didn't even know I wanted each year, so hoping this is no exception and the conference isn't drowning in third party deal bollocks like Destiny, Battlefront and CoD...

I also really want a new Rocksmith. 2014 is feeling clunky and I've had persistent sound issues on PS4 - time for a new version (this is doubtful however due to Ubi SF making the utterly pointless Stick of Truth sequel).
I'm curious to see Scorpio in a 'see where the industry is heading' kinda way, but won't be buying it
Super Mario Odyssey is looking absolutey amazing.
Animal Crossing switch

Mario Strikers for the Switch, free update plan and focus on online play.

Sonic All Stars Racing transformed 2 announced, all platforms
Skate 4 (also on PC this time. Please EA)

Red Dead Redemption for pc

Super Mario Odyssey is looking absolutey amazing.
Smash For Switch, with all DLC characters. Maybe new characters announced.
Might as well post this here so I can refer back to it when all my dreams (or expectations) are shattered:

- Remasters of games I haven't had the chance to play yet or don't have the means to play, on PS4: Demons' Souls, Dark Souls 1, NieR, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 3+4, Platinum games with recent or upcoming PC releases including Bayonetta and Vanquish
- Devil May Cry 5, directed by Hideaki Itsuno
- A new dark fantasy IP from FromSoft
- Some new, interesting IPs and not just iterative sequels

- Sony pulls another Death Stranding to order a first-party exclusive from Hideki Kamiya, possibly a retooling of the original idea behind ScaleBound to match Kamiya's artistic vision
- RE2make footage
- Capcom revives Darkstalkers and doesn't fuck it up
- Nintendo pulls their head out of their ass and unveils a new Metroid game that actually looks and feels like Metroid

- Everything was trash
So, posting results:

  • Tons of Switch ports of Wii & Wii U games. Nope.
  • Xenoblade 2 gets a British dub. YES!
  • Agents of Mayhem gets good impressions(I believe in Volition) Noooo... 😢
  • Sega announces ports/remasters of un-ported Arcade, Saturn, and Dreamcast titles such as Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder, Astal and Skies of Arcadia. Nope. What's wrong Sega? 😣
  • Soulcalibur VI announced. Naw. We have Tekken 7 right now.


  • Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards 3DS port announced. Kirby Switch gets Ability combinations - close enough!
  • Smash Switch: Haltmann, Ganon(the pig villain), Prince Fluff characters announced;
    Dungeonman, Shiver Star Factory, all Smash 4 3DS stages announced.
  • KonoSuba RPG gets English localization and PC release.
  • Red Faction remake announced.
  • New Streets of Rage game by Ancient(made up of old SoR devs)
  • Touhou games from TH06 to the current installment announced for Steam and GOG.
  • Smash Bros. Switch No show. Probably because of Pokken Tournament
  • New Splatoon 2 Single Player details
  • Nintendo's online service to be better than expected. Confirmed. Cheaper subscription, Netflix-like service
  • Wolfenstein: The New Colossus announced. Just as I expected.
  • New Shovel Knight game and/or new Yacht Club game announced. Naw... they're still working on the last expansion.
  • Zelda BotW DLC Yep. Lookin' good.
- Sly Reboot (Nope, but were getting an animated show -_-)
- From/JP Studio New IP (Nada)
- Switch VC with GC games (T_T)

- inFamous Collection for PS4 by Bluepoint or inFamous 5 (Nope, but at least we know what Bluepoint has been doing)
- Harry Potter RPG (The Dream will live on)
- James Bond game (Close, Dat Telltale leak though)

- Super Smash Bros Switch Spring 2018 (It'll happen eventually)
- Detroit in August/GOW in March (Detroit in 2018 and GOW could be earlier than March)
- Spyro Trilogy (Someday...)
Wasn't expecting much to be honest.
What Agents of Mayhem impressions? What I saw looked good.
Yeah, and I've seen more positive writeups about the E3 demos than negative. That's not counting the more "I dunno yet..." reactions from sites like Destructoid, which seem cautiously optimistic but are definitely not sold yet.

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Several previews, IGN's in particular, mention how so much was crammed into the demo that it was a bit overwhelming.