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E3 and Announcements : Predictions Thread



It's almost time for the gamer mecca digital voyage of watching press conferences and reading press releases, watching trailers and learning about how we will all go broke in the upcoming months.

Get out your crystal balls and post your E3 and outside of E3 announcement predictions from publishers and console manufacturers.

Upcoming soon is a Call of Duty and Death Stranding trailer by the end of this month. And then its official. Be sure to come back to the thread to say I told you so, or admit how wrong you were.
E3 2019 Schedule
EA Play: Kickoff Event Friday, June 7 (Time TBD) – [More Info Here]
Microsoft Xbox: June 9th at 4:00PM ET / 1PM PT
Bethesda: Sunday, June 9th at 8:30PM ET / 6:30PM PT
Square Enix: Monday, June 10th at 9PM ET/ 6PM PT
Devolver Digital: Sunday, June 9th at 11PM ET/7PM PT
PC Gaming Show: Monday, June 10th at 7AM ET/10AM PT
Ubisoft: Monday, June 10th at 11AM ET/1PM PDT
Sony PlayStation: No Press Conference
Nintendo Direct: Tuesday, June 11th at Noon ET/9AM PT

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THE Prey 2 fanatic
Prey 2's coming back, baby. Bethesda and Human Head Studios will make amends and release the game of my dreams.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
I predict a lot of cringe as executives and developers (not PR people) come out on stage in t-shirts and try to make awkward conversation with the audience and/or other guests.


THE Prey 2 fanatic

There is a chance for a Prey 2 but human head is busy and will probably be developed by Arkane Studios again if anyone. Maybe it will take place on mars this time ??
it's not Prey 2 if it's not the game we saw at E3 2011
Arkane's property has nothing to do with the Prey games I adore, they just share a name


I predict Giant Bomb's "coverage" will become even more awkward and sad.

And Skate 4 of course...
I didn't even watch it last year because I just couldn't stand Giantbomb's coverage of 2017. However, the couch bits with Dave Lang, Johnny V and Adam Boyes are always hilarious. But I have heard that this won't happen this year...


My prediction for the Death Stranding Trailer is that some character will say something about being kept waiting. And for the COD:MW trailer there will be captain price shouting at the screen in glorious HD. As well as shooting and warning of an atomic nuke by the russians and how the politics of USA was invaded via social media.


In years gone past I've stopped caring but I'm genuinely interested in Squenix's FFVII stuff this time round.

And Death Stranding, I guess. Not that I think the gameplay will reveal anything.
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Final Fantasy VII Remake Hype


Avengers Project
Nier 3
DeusEx 3
Dragon Quest XI S
Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind
Final Fantasy XVI
Tomb Raider 4
Legacy of Kain Remake
Babylon's Fall



No one shall be brought before our LORD David Bowie without the true and secret knowledge of the Photoshop. For in that time, so shall He appear.
Animal Crossing is all I’m hoping for at this point.

But for my wild predictions:
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • No new Switch hardware
  • Some Microsoft VR thing
  • Viewtiful Joe (plz god)
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Shy Fingers

Just give me that Animal Crossing.

I predict Giant Bomb's "coverage" will become even more awkward and sad.
This is an odd take, as they about theydon't really "cover" it anymore, and Jeff has even talked about not attending anymore multiple times as there's no real need to be there these days.


Games I want to see:

Cyberpunk 2077
Rocksteady game anything but Justice League preferable Batman Beyond or Suicide Squad.
Axiom Verge 2 or Prequel
Stoic Studio game, guys that made Banner Saga
MB Montreal Batman game, owl court probably employer already leaked it.
Bioshock 4, hopefully elizabeth comes back.
Ken Levine game, 6 years in the making....

I predict Giant Bomb's "coverage" will become even more awkward and sad.

do they still cover games? i last track of those guys for a good 3-4years now. why weird and sad?
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During the Ms conference to stab sony they have a slide that reads “we support gamer boners and anime tiddies”

Every xbox fan cheers and they win the console wars.


Okay time to do my reasonable expectations and predictions for E3 bit. So far I have never been let down.

- New Resident Evil 3 Remake
- Especially important is also Resident Evil 8 (inspired by RE2 Remake, Third person, original Zombies no BS fast moving weird family or boulders)
- Very many Final Fantasy VII Remake information including release date.
- Early Dino Crisis Remake build + gameplay.
- Remastered Demon's Souls PS4 December 2019 release date

- Guaranteed The Legend of Zelda Collection for Nintendo Switch
- Obviously Silent Hill 5 from Konami bringing back Team Silent. Graphics better than if The Last of Us 2 had RayTracing
- New Generic Ubisoft Game
- Newell Gabe giving us Half Life 3
- Also Portal 3

- Gabe also loves Left 4 Dead 3 (just kidding nobody would believe that)
- I also expect there to be a Metal Gear Solid Collection for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
- Various Nintendo Switch ports like Metal Gear Rising Reveangence for Full Price $60.
- Enough DLC for Mario Kart Deluxe 8 with 41 new maps

- You also should be hyped for Bloodborne 2
- On top of Grand Theft Auto 6 with female protagonist and you can travel between all cities. The game is huge I tell you.
- Unexpectedly The Witcher Zero. Ciri adventure taking inspiration from Uncharted Two Ladies edition.

- Unprecedented Xbox Conference takes a full 2 hours. 120 minutes of pure action packed games and announcements.
- Perfect surprise. Sony showing up! 2 hours and 1 minute conference with PS5 full reveal, price, specifications and release date April 1st 2020.

- Nintendo announcing Super Metroid in the Nintendo eStore. $60 Full Price
- EA announces Anthem 2 Early Access in EA Kickstarter beating their own record at having you pay money for an unfinished mess.
- Valve is not announcing Artifact 2 to my knowledge.
- Elders Scrolls 6 with 2022 release date for next gen console.
- Rockstar shows Bully 2 and Agent at the Xbox conference

- Grand Theft Auto San Adreas full remakea swell
- Ori and the Blind Forest gets a release date
- Nintendo Switch Pro
- Nintendo Switch Children Edition. Sturdier
- Apple tries to impress people with Game Streaming. Everyone wearing a suit is excited. No gamer is.

- Last of Us 2 gets a trailer during E3 but not at Sony with a release date in October.
- EA shows a full reveal of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. 2019 Release date !
- Titanfall does not show up.

- Yakuza adds more remastered games
- Onimusha Series Reboot. 2020 release with next gen consoles
- Uncharted works on a reboot aswell. Release 2021. PS5

- Dragon Quest XII 2020.
- Oddworld is free 2play in the Epic Game Store.
- Warcraft 4. Blizzard didn't want to wait until Blizzcon. Game is shaping up nicely. 2020 release date
- Nioh 3
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-metroid prime trilogy available now w/ a little prime 4 teaser
-bayonetta 3 trailer, oossible treehouse, 2020
-no more heroes 3 trailer, no treehouse, tba 2020
-Smash DLC
-metroid prime trilogy available now w/ a little prime 4 teaser
-bayonetta 3 trailer, oossible treehouse, 2020
-no more heroes 3 trailer, no treehouse, tba 2020
-Smash DLC
Nintendo has confirmed it'll be covering games coming out this year for E3. They already have a boatload of games lined up for the second half of this year (Marvel Alliance, Fire Emblem, Mario Maker, Daemon X, Astral Chains, Zelda, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, ignoring Pokémon because that's getting a separate Direct soon) so they'll show more of those games, maybe talk about Smash DLC and not much else. Animal Crossing will be delayed to spring 2020 and eventually to autumn 2020.

That's my prediction.
No mention of next gen by Microsoft.
No mention of next gen games by anybody
Stale, stilted 3rd party games, giving away very little about next gen.
Anthem on EA access and xbox live gold/gamepass exclusive. Not coming to PS4 for free because reasons.
More exclusive FTP loot-box fests announced by Microsoft.

Some cheesy crap for current gen.
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Probably new FF7Remake stuff will be shown at the FF7 Symphonic Reunion concert.
I guess we could hypothesize that.

Also a lot of hype for the game that Jun Takeuchi teased back in Dec 2018
Is it going to be RE3Remake? Dino Crisis comeback?
Definitely going to have a heart-attack if Dino Crisis 4 trailer pops up. The circumstantial evidence leans towards Dino Crisis.

Jun Takeuchi is the head of Capcom Development Division 1 (where RE7, RE2Remake and DMC5 were made)




Q: May I ask as to the plans of Development Division 1 from now on?

Takeuchi : Our first priority is to get RE2Remake and DMC5 out there in the market to everyone. From there onwards, how we will proceed will be defined by the feedback that we receive from our customers and userbase. It is going to be for us a careful listening of comments and remarks such as "It would be great if you did that", "We would really love to see this" etc. We are presently honing our skills and pushing the envelope in terms of what we can actualize and substantiate as developers, since I think that when we are to talk about the next RE game and anything else it should mark the era of a complete overhaul. Then again, currently we have been working on another game that will take people aback and make them jump off their seats by surprise thinking "What? They're making that one?"

They actually teased Dino Crisis back in Dec 2017 on their official twitter account.
They said that they might bring it back, if there was considerable demand for the Dino Crisis series.


I love this time of year.

So much news.

So many videos.

So many games I'll likely never be able to play, but will still become irrationally excited for.
This is exactly me!

I'm really looking forward to Microsoft revealing their next console and what their plan for the future is. Even though I haven't had much time to game lately I'll always stay up to date on what's going on in the industry. Also hoping Sony does something offsite to talk about the PS5 as well.
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I really, really wanna believe MH Portable 5th is a thing for Switch. Really. Reeeeeaaaallly...


I'm fully expecting Sony to sit back and watch what Microsoft does with announcing their new console and than based off that randomly announcing theirs, they would love to undercut them on price again I'm sure.


Doom Eternal
Cyberpunk 2077
MS talking about XBox
Sony announcing PS5 outside of E3 using something funny about MS's conference (like the PS4 announcement did)
AMD sharing more specs on their hardware launches

Even if it's just the first two i'll be happy
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From Nintendo:

-Smash Bros: 2 new Characters in DLC available one in the day of the Direct
-Pikmin 4 trailer
-Luigi's Mansion 3 release date
-Metroid Prime 4 earlier trailer
-Animal Crossing trailer
-Quick view for upcoming games: DaemonXMachina, FireEmblem Three Houses, Hollow Knight Silksong, Astral Chain, etc.
-Bayonetta 3 trailer + release date (2020)
-Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening release date
-Surprise: Eartworm Jim announcement
-Witcher 3
-Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD
-Metroid Prime Trilogy HD
-Surprise game colaboration with Microsoft
-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe new DLC


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Found what I posted a while back. Couple things already on/off the table, updated, expanded a little.

What I want:
  • Sony are 100% still going to have a "totally not a Nintendo Direct" near E3 and it'll have a full Ratchet & Clank PS4 game
  • The Avengers game Squenix has been working on - you'd imagine it's ready to show off in some capacity since they've taken Sony's slot (confirmed!)
  • Whatever the fucking hell Rocksteady is still working on. PLEASE
  • Prey 2 would be nice. Wolf 3, sure
  • Dying Light 2 gameplay and maybe a date
  • Mario & Rabbids 2?
  • Adding: Bully 2, because I've wanted Bully 2 for 13 years and I'll be able to die happy
What I expect:
  • Sony are 100% still going to have a "totally not a Nintendo Direct" near E3 and it's going to give us a date for The Last of Us 2, also MediEvil remake (doubt this is showing up again after the last SOP)
  • Nintendo will be hammering Pokémon S&S home since it's going to sell a guaranteed 16 million copies, also Animal Crossing
  • Xbox will tease new hardware for next year but perhaps not "unveil" it a lá the Scorpio teaser, and show a bunch of in-progress game videos from their studio acquisitions, also a Gears 5 date for this year and maybe Halo Infinite footage
  • Square will finally have something to show from the FF7 remake but it's still a long time away
  • Bethesda will crack some really poorly judged joke about Fallout 76 being the biggest industry disaster in a decade, and not have anything to show us from Starfield because they announced it way too early
  • EA will bring up sports personality who doesn't belong on stage speaking to a crowd (no stage show now)
  • Ubisoft will open with Just Dance and close with Assassin's Creed 22: Viking Boogaloo
honestly though WoW Classic is 3 months away and I've lost 90% of my interest in other games right now
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You know, Sony not being at E3 did not seem like a huge deal to me 4 months ago. But in hindsight E3 impressions can have major impacts (looking at you Kinnect 2 and TV, TV, TV). So they can't really be planning to let MS have all of the spotlight right? Any official word on what they will be doing outside of E3?


Dream list...
Vampire/Darkstalker HD or reboot
Dino crisis reboot
FFVII remake ep 1 this year
King of fighter XV on all consoles
Resident evil 3 remake
Dead space remaster
Capcom vs snk 3
Killer instinct 2 (Xbox and switch)

I can’t wait to last of us 2, gears 5, halo infinite and battletoad !


Not predictions exactly, but what I want to see (beyond the obvious we already know we're getting a lot of coverage on e.g. Cyberpunk, Jedi Fallen Order):

New Splinter Cell
Metroid Prime 4
Bayonetta 3
The Outer Worlds

We probably won't get jack squat on most of those. Oh well.


Beautiful thread. Thank you!

I am expecting all new Xbox family consoles to be revealed and Microsoft showing us Japanese games


Neo Member
Microsoft Predictins

  • Hardware Announcement
  • XCloud Details
  • New Xbox Live sub with Game Pass included
  • Splinter Cell
  • Halo Infinite
  • Forza 8 ∞
  • Fable
  • Gears
  • Ninja Theory Project
Ive gotten disappointed by E3 for about the last 4 years. However, I'm cautiously hopeful this year. This is the year of potential redemption for SO many.

- MS knows they screwed up this gen with first party games
- Bethesda knows they fucked up with FO76
- Bioware knows anthem was a shitshow

Now, hopefully they have been humble enough to look at their losses and FINALLY realize it's time to listen to their audience.

I'm hoping both need consoles are announced this year and we get a bunch of exciting games announced.

Additionally, we're nearing the peak of a lot of games that have been built up: Death stranding, Halo infinite, and Gears 5 come to mind. That means we'll probably get some good gameplay footage this year. I'm not going to get over hyped, because I'm usually let down, but I'm hopeful.
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