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E3 is Officially Dead




Isn’t that just summer game fest?

It might be, but there's some command the name "E3" still might have, culturally. Geoff is a businessman, if he really sells this like "This is E3, you wanna be here, we're making this the night of nights for video game news" people might treat it that way.


I'd care a lot more if the industry was still interesting. Everything is boring as shit now it doesn't deserve a show like E3
That's like saying there's no need to be upset about anything because you'll eventually die; which is also true.


It's been years already, but I will forever miss THAT week of E3 with the opening night of showcases, starting with MS, then EA, Ubisoft and always very late in the night Sony. There were so many previews and videos posted online and so much activity on boards. Those were the good days.
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It's a shame, you had it all in one place over 3 days. So many good times watching the Xbox and Sony conferences, the unexpected announcements, the Ubisoft memes!

Now its all over the place, random times studio/developers will make announcements.

The whole Summer Games Fest isnt comparable at all to E3, most announcements then are indie and small time games.


You guys complained that awards were blown through or recipients only given 60 seconds for a speech but you also know you wouldn’t watch TGA for 30 fucking seconds if it was awards-only like the Oscars.
So why even have awards? Who gives a fuck about best indie game if the awards show doesn't really care? We are there for 1 thing only- new games. That's ALL we want to see. So just take it back to the way E3 used to be but with dorito pope running it and most of us would be happy.

Also, fuck Sony for playing a major part in this dying. E3 was the ONLY major even I looked forward to for brilliant gaming reveals. Now I have to sift through the TGA for trailers. It's crap.

Ian Henry

Sad but understandable. Times are changing and E3 isn't needed for rollouts as it used to be. I will say that expo's spirit and energy won't be matched. I doubt anyone could rival the atmosphere it brought in it's peak. Thank god we still have Gamescom and TGS.


Makes me sad that I never achieved my childhood dream of going to one. The level of hype and excitement around it used to be insane. Giant Bomb's coverage was always a treat during the glory years of that site.


Makes me sad that I never achieved my childhood dream of going to one. The level of hype and excitement around it used to be insane. Giant Bomb's coverage was always a treat during the glory years of that site.
Yes! All of this.

I remember back in the early 2000's getting E3 demo disks and video disks in game magazines and wishing I could make it to one some day. It seemed like a gaming Mecca that we'd all eventually see some day.


Unfortunate, people prefer to sit back and watch the events and reveals online these days, but physical conventions are much better, more personal experiences, chances to socialize, try booth demos, meet developers. Shame.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
With E3 we used to have 10 min demos of big AAA games.

You mean like the 10 minute Spider-Man 2 demo in the June Playstation Showcase this year?

Or the near HOUR LONG Starfield direct?

Shit's exactly the same. It's just spread out across more Youtube channels and they're called directs and showcases and state of plays rather than E3 shows.



The digital direct streams from the platform holders are consistently underwhelming and feel soulless. It's all spread so thin.

Sitting down to watch the E3 conferences everywhere was always enjoyable and having so much in one place was great.

The Game Awards aka "The Geoffs" suck and and are just cringe; and the rest of the shows barely seem like they exist at this point.

I recall scrambling between the cranky IGN, Gamespot & GameTrailers ~480p streams back in the late 2000s. Now we finally have passable streaming quality the awards go away.

That feeling of having a proper event has gone, I remember tuning in expecting to be blown away and was rarely disappointed between the Sony, MS & Ubi streams.


The E3 was dying for multiple reason, but I don’t think it would have been easy to bring back.
Personally, I would prefer smaller show like TGA but maybe 4 times a year.

It needs to be big enough to attract a lot of viewers and not too big to get a lot of games dying under the bigger hitter .

Also, live show are too tough now with everyone filming whatever mistake you make. I don’t think we will see live show anytime soon.


They could have also leaned hard into console wars. Run some gaming competitions for 3rd party games with players for each from Team Xbox and Team PS (sorry Nintendo, but you can't run COD yet). Mix in their own game awards. Yes, the pubs have other options. But you mix Vegas, a little sex appeal, competition, awards, and console wars together and I guarantee there will be a lot of viewers. Those pubs wouldn't pass that up.


E3 carried a lot of excitement for gamers every year but it ultimately became unsustainable and pointless in the digital era.
Companies felt forced to announce and prepare stuff even when they were not ready, they had to pay millions to partecipate, they had to share the stage with all the other companies at the same time which meant that smaller stuff never had the chance to stand out and if other companies did better you'd get ridiculed and criticized as well by all the press.

Sony and Nintendo were the first to realize that other formats were needed, then covid came and all the other companies realized that as well.


I am old enough now to say that 20 years ago people were already shitting on E3 left and right. And the industry in general.

...Oh the industry is going downhill. Its only about the 3D graphics now. Gameplay sucks these days. Its all sequels. Only bullshots and fake CGI trailers. Everything is about marketing and focus groups. God damn those motion controls. Who needs touch screens on a hand held. Fuck all those casuals and the industry for chasing after them....blablabla, every year the same spiel. Hardly anyone ever came back from it really being satisfied or happy (or maybe people just like shitting on other people, which is of course very much possible)

And now that the event that lead to the most bitching and moaning every year is finally dead after dying a slowly for the past 5 or so years...everyone is looking back at it with fondness?

Come on, yeah I liked E3 as well, it had some crazy moments and big reveals. Last guardian, followed by FF7 Remake reveal, followed by Shenmue III is one of the most epic moment in gaming imho. But mooooooost of it was kinda trashy. I remember more people complaining about too much marketing (cars, actors, kids, sports people etc. being on stage), to many numbers (remember when it was actually a trade show primarily aimed at investors?), too much CGI, bad presenters, too much cringe, not enough reveals, etc., etc, etc. And now finally all your complaints have been heard and its gone. Thats what you get. Be happy for once.

I will still gladly board any Hype Train when I feel like it, this one just isnt stopping at the LA convention center and thats kinda fine.
really sad. I guess TGA is the replacement. A kinda weaksauce one, it was so nice when Nintendo, Xbox, Sega and Playstation all throw down at the same time, what a time to be alive, hopefully in. I wouldn't mind if the TGA's became e3 in viewship and brought all the publishers back into a single event.

I am in the minority of really liking the TGA's. I dig cultural events where everyone tunes in live to either like or bitch about. Just helps you feel connected like the NBA finals or Superbowl. It's more important than people think. Video games need their own version of the Academy Awards, some sort of "official stamp" that we all can collectively moan about but secretly wish our game won or fantasize of winning one someday. I think there is a cultural importance Geoff understands and I am glad it seems to have gained major steam.
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I feel what we have now in June overall is more exciting than E3 in a way. Essentially an entire month from around mid-May to mid-June of announcements, trailers, directs and SGM to fill the conference void.


Can't really say I'm surprised, I stopped watching in 2015 because once you realized it was basically shareholders jerking each other off I just looked for announcements that interested me after the show was done to not get caught up pointless hype trains.


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I understand why, but this still sucks. E3 was gaming Christmas, with all those big press conferences all stacked up. E3 console reveals were a lot more fun than the YouTube uploads we get now.


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There was also James Cameron E3 2009 , EA bringing in Uncle Pele or some random person for their sports game reveals... Ubisoft E3's in general...
I think yogi naka talking about the number of enemies he can get on a screen. I think that is Namco.


The E3 Megatons were things of legend. I doubt that we can have anything to that degree anymore with how things have been in the gaming industry as a whole and the format that things are now.


With the digital and social media age, it's just not the same as it used to be. Especially if we are talking the height of the print magazines and slow trickle of information. Unless you could actually attend the event live, you relied on months of magazine coverage. There was mystery and intrigue as the games all slowly got covered, some even got missed or you never knew about. As a gamer, I miss those times.

Companies can reach more people now with the various internet platforms and it's cheaper. They don't need to create special demos for E3, when they can make playable demos that transition into full retail releases now. They can do this on their own time-line. The world has out grown E3 and E3 organizers lost the plot a while ago.


I will definitely miss E3. Felt like Christmas in July. As a kid I dreamed of somehow getting an invite to attend and I always looked forward to the big conferences. I still watch that FF7r reveal somtimes and it still gives me chills.



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Damn. Lots of good memories at E3. Even got to hug Miyamoto once.

I’ll miss it, but this was inevitable, it just got expedited because of Covid.
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