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E3 Press Conference Grading Thread

Who had your favorite E3 press conference?

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Jan 22, 2014
I only watched 4:

Microsoft: A-
I am a big fan of the direction they are going. Good, concrete games with release dates, backward compatibility, Rare replay, and some instant goodies such as EA access having Titanfall (and dragon age soon) and the backward compatibility beta. Recore looks amazing. The show lost its pacing a bit at the end though.

Sony: B
Good show! Great pacing compared to their previous conferences. UC4 looks magnificent, great 3rd party showing. But beside that, meh. Not a fan of the TLG cult, game looks dated and boring. Shenmue 3 kickstarter on stage was a complete joke.

Bethesda: B-
Great looking games! The next year will be a good one for Bethesda.

PC Gaming Show: C+
I liked the effort. Day9 was fantastic. The formula needs some more polishing and some more megatons. Hoping the PC companies hold on to their next announcements for next year's show.
Just want to say that I feel kind of bad for Microsoft. They did just about everything right and had a great show (except for maybe that Halo 5 and Gears 4 demo). And then Sony comes in and has arguably one of the best conferences ever. Any other year and Microsoft would be given an A for that conference. They just had kind of bad luck this year. I say all of this as someone who doesn't game at all on Xbox.


Jun 7, 2004
definitely sony. best pacing, best announcements. still not a fan, but they had a super awesome show.

microsoft had a good show too. they were just overwhelmed by something that honestly never seemed like it would have ever happened.

nintendo's showcase was nothing special. it wasn't actively bad, but this wasn't the year to be nothing special, apparently.


Jun 4, 2011
Bethesda - Fallout 4 looks incredible, the new Doom looks great, Dishonored 2 is coming, plus more great content for ESO. 9/10

Microsoft - Great line up of exclusives for this year, as well as amazing features. Such as backwards compatibility and a slick new dashboard. The only thing it lacked was some huge game announcements. 9/10

Ubisoft - Ghost Recon: Wildlands is one of the big surprises for me, as is For Honor. The Division looks great as well. 9/10

EA - Everything was absolutely terrible, but it ended with the glorious looking Battlefront. That said, the conference on the whole was a 4/10 for me.

Sony - No exclusives for the holidays is a let down, but E3 is all about announcements and they delivered one of the greatest showings of all time. Not just with the big 3, either. Horizon is one of the most impressive looking games I have ever laid eyes on, No Man's Sky still looks great and Uncharted 4 of course looks glorious. Hell, I was even impressed with Media Molecule's Dreams. Everything was just so good. 10/10

EDIT: Can't forget that Nier 2 is also coming to PS4. Just incredible and so unexpected.

That is all I watched.


Sep 21, 2009
The Burning Desert

No Man's Sky, Nier 2, FF7R, SFV, Media Player, 20th Anniversary Controller.

Meanwhile Microsoft took away the one reason I still wanted to buy an Xbox One by announcing Killer Instinct for Win10.


Jan 15, 2012
Bethesda: B+, not actually a really big bethesda fan but I liked their presentation style and it was fun to watch. I admit fallout 4 looks pretty interesting and I'm extremely excited about Doom.
EA: B, no mass effect gameplay was a downer, I'm pretty pumped for TOR's expansion and Battlefront gameplay was best of show. I basically tuned out the sports portion because I don't care about it, but I understand that some people do. Garden Warfare 2 was really good and so was Unravel & Mirror's Edge.
MS: B+, really good gameplay montage, it's strength was focusing on games that are coming out in 2015 and early 2016. GoW demo was mediocre, but the indie showings were strong.
Sony: B+, some really good announcements but they were all extremely far into the future. I don't have anything to look forward to for probably another 9 months at the least. Horizon looked cool, media molecules project looks more like a film tool than an actual game.
Nintendo: D+, one of their worst showings of all time. Only slightly above Wii music cringe conference. Not even a bravely second announce date. Starfox was the only redeeming factor and it looked like a budget title.
Didn't watch Sqenix
PC: C+, a lot of cool smaller titles were shown and the format was a lot of fun and casual compared to the other conferences. Felt like a nice showcase and a fun time to sit back and talk about games. At times it felt a little rushed. I hope it stays a thing next year.

Basically I thought MS and Sony had the best conferences, MS was more focused on 2015 games while Sony was 2016 or later.

edit: To clarify most of my comments are in the context of exclusives.


May 6, 2010
Just want to say that I feel kind of bad for Microsoft. They did just about everything right and had a great show (except for maybe that Halo 5 and Gears 4 demo). And then Sony comes in and has arguably one of the best conferences ever. Any other year and Microsoft would be given an A for that conference. They just had kind of bad luck this year. I say all of this as someone who doesn't game at all on Xbox.
Sony's blockbuster hasn't diminished my appreciation of the MS conference, though. Bought a 2TB HDD for my X1 to match my PS4's as a result of the conference (in anticipation of the games).


Sep 8, 2014
In terms of what I care about:

Bethesda: B (Fallout 4)
Microsoft: B+ (Halo, ReCore, Tomb Raider, BC, Gears 4, Rare stuff, Indies, Elite Controller, DS3)
EA: D (Starwars Battlefront saving it from an F, Mass Effect also)
Ubisoft: B- (Woops.. forgot to do this one. For Honor, Anno 2205, The Division, Trackmania)
Sony: B+ (Shenmue 3, Remake, Horizon, Indies, Battlefront, NMS, Uncharted 4)
Nintendo: F (Starfox...?)
Square: A (Just Cause 3, Dues Ex, Remake, Nier, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Setsuna)


Jun 8, 2004
definitely sony. best pacing, best announcements. still not a fan, but they had a super awesome show.

microsoft had a good show too. they were just overwhelmed by something that honestly never seemed like it would have ever happened.

nintendo's showcase was nothing special. it wasn't actively bad, but this wasn't the year to be nothing special, apparently.
I remember arguing with you on PS2 vs DC like close to a decade ago. Still haven't given up that grudge eh? :)


Gold Member
Aug 12, 2014
Microsoft - 2/5. Too many CG trailers and while backwards compatibility announcement was cool my excitement was quickly dashed when they showed the list of games.

Sony - 4/5, lots of games shown and it's what the fans been asking for plus lots of gameplay.

With that said microsoft won me over with gears ultimate and halo 5 free map packs. Was debating wether to resub my live or ps+ and I will be going with live this christmas. Can't wait!


Apr 22, 2013
Bethesda: B+. I thought Doom was all right, but the Fallout 4 information blowout was just too good. This is how a game should be revealed. I also found Todd Howard to be a very charismatic host.

MS: B. I thought it was pretty good, nice jab at Sony about backwards comparability. Nothing really that interested me personally, but thought it was a pretty good conference overall.

EA: C-. Battlefront was good, Mirror's Edge was good, the rest was whatever. That poor indie dev looked like he was about to cry on stage. Also, Pele, lmao.

Ubisoft: C. The bad parts were pretty bad, but I give it points for the South Park reveal which I did not expect, the For Honor game looking pretty neat with a great presenter and their final reveal being all right. The Division demo was cringeworthy as usual with the fake online chat nonsense, but the backstabbing was hilarious and actually accurate.

Sony: A. They managed to hit the holy trinity this year, the list of games that will never release but actually are, I can't believe it. The new Horizon game looked really cool to me, too. Overall, a pretty good conference, however, I'm annoyed there was nothing about a system update. Where are my folders Sony?! This is bullshit. Otherwise, it was great, and hard to top for the future.

Nintendo: Tomato. Are you even trying Nintendo?

Square-Enix: B+. I felt like I was transported to the late 90's, suddenly Square is making games again and they actually look good. I'm a big fan of Hitman and Deux Ex so I was glad to see those there. The Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay was amazing. I loved the news of a new studio dedicated to making JRPG's, just unreal to think this happened in 2015. NieR 2 is probably the most unexpected game announcement ever for me. LEt's be honest, we all hoped and thought there was a chance FF7R, Shenmue 3 and Th eLAst Guardian would show, but did anyone actually expect to see NieR 2? I sure as shit didn't, and I'm glad it's happening because NieR was godlike.

PC: C+. PC was a weird conference for me. I'm not a big PC gamer so part of the conference were really boring, and the other half were hilarious, especially the chat. 16 TERAFLOPS. One thing I can say is I enjoyed the format of the show. For the most part it was just quick interviews with quick demonstrations of games and I enjoyed that.


Aug 12, 2013
Bethesda - N/A - didn't watch

Microsoft - 6/10 - A decent conference, but it didn't motivate me to buy a Xbone. The games that were shown were good, but they seemed to either suffer from being a CGI trailer (recore) or that the actual gameplay wasn't very interesting to watch (Tomb Raider and Gears). Backwards compatibility and Fallout 4 mods are pretty awesome.

EA - 2/10 - Absolute trash. ME was a short CGI trailer. Unraveled mite b cool. Then suddenly SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS MOBILE SPORTS MOBILE SPORTS. Mirror's Edge was cool though. I have only a mild interest in Battlefront.

Ubisoft - N/A - didn't watch.

Sony - 8/10. Some cool reveals and the cuhrazy megatons but ultimately I can't say it impressed me all that much. Of the big 3, TLG is no more than a discount buy, FF7R is literally like 2-3 years off, and I've never played Shenmue (plus it being a kickstarter announcement, lol) so... yeah. Otherwise Horizon looked really good, but the back half was filled with multiplatform games and an okay Uncharted sequence. Maybe if there were more exclusives not on PC. Also the words "exclusive DLC/missions" is an instant -1. Almost forgot to mention they finally fixed the pacing problems and it wasn't two fucking hours long, bumping it up to an 8/10.

Nintendo - 5/10 - I didn't hate it as much as others, partly because the Direct format instantly makes it more entertaining than live conferences. Star Fox was the only "big" game announcement, though the new Mario & Luigi looked cool. I enjoyed finally getting release dates for Woolly World, Xenoblade, and Mario Maker as well. Unfortunately it's incredibly apparent that this is probably the last batch of Wii U games unless Nintendo is seriously going to let it stay around into 2017.

Square Enix - 9/10 - Hands down my favorite conference. Actually gave me hope for the future of SE! Just Cause 3 might be my game of the show (since FF7R was just a teaser), it instantly sold me on it in the span of a 5 minute trailer and that's rare. All the other shown games (even the mobile ones) looked great. Surprises like NieR 2 and that unnamed game from the new Tokyo RPG studio mean that SE is looking to try new things and take some risks again. Also, KH3 looked amazing.

PC Gaming Show - N/A - didn't watch

It was a good E3, but I feel left out since I'm not hyperventilating with hype like most of GAF seems to be doing :p. The number one thing I got out of this year: PC is the way to go.


Oct 15, 2011
Sony [9]: Huge improvement over last year's poor performance. The Last Guardian as the first announcement felt like a dream. I'm a little more apprehensive about Final Fantasy VII, which could be a long, long way off, and Shenmue, the Kickstarter of which looks extremely amateurish. Still exciting announcements. Also excited by the new Firewatch trailer and No Man's Sky gameplay.

Microsoft [7]: It was fine? Not interested in most of what they showed (though seeing Tacoma up there was very cool), but it was pacy and all about the game. The Minecraft demo was awesome, if probably faked. The new controller looked nice as well but that's way too expensive for a sane person that doesn't play games exclusively on the Xbox.

PC Gaming Show [5]: A great advertisement for Day[9], less so for PC gaming. Super disappointing and overlong.

Nintendo [2]: Complete reverse from last year. Obviously prepping for the NX. We even got the dream Star Fox by Platinum and it looks unlike anything that was wanted from that collab.


Kills Photobucket
Jun 7, 2004
Just the Big Three

Microsoft - C: I'm biased. I had no interest in XBox One going in, and they gave me no reason to want to buy one down the road. Most of what I could get on their platform, I can get on my PC.

Sony - B+ : Such a strong library shown, but I have to bring it down to B+ because Sony still has the most boring presenters. They manage to make some of the biggest announcements in recent memory sound dull. Still, Sony certainly gave me reason to buy a PS4 next year.

Nintendo - B- : Kind of the opposite from Sony, Nintendo had a really entertaining event, but such sparse announcements. Starfox looks like a lot of fun, and the other stuff I'm excited for, we've seen before. I liked what I saw, but they didn't wow me with much new. There's also the problem coming off last year, which is one of the strongest E3 presentations in recent memory.


Mar 29, 2011
Sony obviously.
Bad points of each conference:

EA - Focusing on the wrong game most the time. We essentially just got Battlefront from this conference. New Mass Effect? 45 seconds, new Mirror's Edge? 2 minutes cutscenes with split second gameplay, that awesome SWTOR trailer? cut short. What got the most time? Minions mobile game, Pele, and those damn annual sports game.

Ubisoft - The Division downgrades, shooter and open world overloads (which normally would be a good thing but we know better), same old same old AC, and fake chatter MP demonstration is soooo annoying. Jason Derulo was embarrassing to watch.

Square-Enix - The games are great, sadly the presentations are awkward most of the time. And who can forget the translator whispering "fuck!!" when he missed Hashimoto's first line.

Microsoft - Too many unknowns. New IPs are exciting only when the developers has build up great reputation prior. Announcing a new IP from Rare won't garner excitement when the game doesn't even have Rare's signatures and the developer itself came off from Kinect's hell. And demo-ing unexciting section of the new Gears is a mistake considering how subpar the last entry were.

Nintendo - Disappointing new games announcement, and they wasted too many times on the wrong stuff.


Jun 4, 2013
Square Enix for what looks to be a promising new IP and NIER platinum
Nintendo [2]: Complete reverse from last year. Obviously prepping for the NX. We even got the dream Star Fox by Platinum and it looks unlike anything that was wanted from that collab.
Outside of overall graphics, what exactly is missing that you wanted from it? It looks like a natural extension of 64 (barring the gyrowing, which currently looks a tad awkward) with a significant platinum influence in boss design.


Feb 1, 2010
Sony conference gave us what we wanted, other conferences were just showing the products they came up with by committee, then showing for us to buy. It was so different. Sony conference was not only showing their products, but fulfilling dreams and hopes of millions. The others were just to sell you crap they came up with during focus testing. The difference is insane.

Best E3 ever conference of all time easily. I do not expect it to get topped anytime soon.


Nov 10, 2012
Sony: A

Ubi/Bethesda: B
EA: C-

Nintendo: D

Pure happiness with the NWC, awesome announcements at Sony but empty if you think about it since those games are pretty much nonexistend for years. Horizon looks awesome though. Fun times with Ubi but everything was Clancy. Looking forward to For Honor. Fallout seems fun. Mediocre stuff at MS but awesome Rare value saved the show. EA saved it with Mass Effect and ME. Nintendo blew it and fed the trolls for years to come.


Dec 11, 2008
Fuck letter grading.

Bethesda 8/10, good looking games, Fallout 4 looked immense.
EA 3/10, big shit, mirrors edge, more shit, star wars.
Ubisoft, 7/10, good looking games.
Square, 5/10, they tried, some cool things I suppose but too much "please be excited" crap.

Sony 9/10, mostly awesome, dreams came true (and not dreams by media molecule).
Microsoft 7/10, mostly good, could have done with a few more surprises.
Nintendo 4/10, Starfox 64 3D remake Wii U graphics? Really didn't care about much except Super Mario Maker.
PC Gaming 5/10, didn't pay much attention as I got bored, but Gears remake on PC is cool.


Aug 15, 2010
Bethesda: B
Not that many games but they did a great job with what they had.

Microsoft: B-
Their best announcements were system features, while the games really didn't seem that interesting (aside from some of the indies, anyway). Gears 4 in particular looked pretty bad.

For a company that has a pretty good lineup in Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge and Battlefront, they sure shat their pants. What a terrible show and a complete waste of money bringing Pelé in for no reason whatsoever.

Ubisoft: C
Nothing really stood out to me but nothing really seemed terrible either, so it was just a pretty average conference, which is probably the perfect format for Ubisoft's average games.

Sony: A+
It wasn't a perfect show but the lows were so infinitesimal in comparison to the highs that it didn't matter. The Last Guardian. Final Fantasy VII remake. Shenmue 3. Horizon. Dreams. Street Fighter V. No Man's Sky. Firewatch. Uncharted 4. What an amazing conference.

Nintendo: C
Nothing great, nothing terrible, just kinda average. Nintendo have clearly given up on the Wii U and are preparing for the NX. Zelda Wii U's gonna be a launch title.

Square Enix: B+
That was a pretty good show. Hitman looks like it's the Hitman of old and I'm really excited about it. Nier 2 blew me away, combining one of my favourite RPGs from last gen with one of the best gameplay designing studios on the planet, it's the perfect combo. And pretty much everything else was good to great too. Really good show.

PC Gamer: D
I liked it at first but it was way too long and there was way too much talking. Next year they need to choose what they're going for, a conference or a stream show. Trying to do both this year was a failure.

What a great E3.

king grimlock

Sep 13, 2013
MS - 8 actually gave me a reason to use my XB1 that I have been neglecting.

Sony - 7 Great flow but anything that interested me was 2016 still no reason to turn my PS4 on possibly until next year.

Bethesda - 9 no bullshit even got me interested in Doom and a mobile game.

All the ones I watched because of a Dr. appointment.


Aug 22, 2013
Sony - A

Hard for anyone to top the triple megaton of TLG+Shenmue+FFVII but they also had a fantastic look at Horizon and Uncharted 4. Horizon especially is my game of the show. Above all else, this was the most exciting conference I've seen in a long time.

Square Enix - B+

A little too much talking at times but they showed off a lot of cool stuff. Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 3, Deus Ex, and Star Ocean 5 all looked great. Nier 2 was a nice surprise and it's nice to see Square commit to making console RPGs with their new studio.

Microsoft - B

Solid conference. Showed off some nice games and kept a good pace. Backwards Compatibility is a nice feature but the limited selection is kind of a downer. Lacking that megaton announcement like a new Banjo or Conker.

Ubisoft - C

Boring. Really boring. Except for that random concert in the middle everything was alright. Games looked nice. Aisha did alright. Just really unspectacular.

Bethesda - C-

Not a big Bethesda fan so there wasn't much here for me. I'm excited for Dishonored 2 but we didn't actually see any gameplay. Doom looked intriguing but I'm not sold on it.

Nintendo - D

If you needed any more proof that the WiiU is dead, well, Nintendo provided it. The new Metroid thing looked stupid, the tennis game was alright I guess, so much focus on Amiibo is disappointing since I hate all this NFC shit. It left the WiiU feeling a bit like the Saturn.

EA - F

Why does EA even do a press conference?


Jun 29, 2009
Microsoft- C. It was average, showed nothing I care about and no surprises.

Sony- B. It had great announcements but everything, I care for, is so far away. It's like great Shen3 is coming but I haven't even been able to play the first 2 without some serious roundabout way. I can't even get excited for this. And I want an FFIX remake more than 7 so meh. Don't care about Uncharted either.

Nintendo- B-. Disappointing because no huge surprise reveal, but it also only focused on the upcoming months so it gets some slack. It's the polar opposite of sony in that it focuses more on the this year rather than what's coming up further down the pipe. That said still not exactly jumping for joy for what's coming. I don't like the direction FE is going in and the Metroid thing is still a bit odd even if I am more optimistic about it than most.

EA- C. EA being EA. Don't think anything from them particularly stuck out for me.

Ubisoft- C. Same thing as EA.

Square Enix- B. Some cool looking RPGs, but no announcement of DQVII localization is extremely disappointing. Some ok looking stuff, KH looks good I guess. Platinum games on the new rpg, alright will probably be cool. Great looking stuff by the western studios aside from rise of of the tomb raider. I'm curious about Lara Croft Go too.

Those are all I saw. Overall a very meh E3.


May 19, 2013
Bethesda: C: Solid conference but for me they announced jack shit that interested me. Bethesda has historically been a company that never has been able to garner interest from me.

Microsoft: B-: Backwards compatibility is a cool bombshell, and the new IP from Armature and the Rare Collection are neat, but there weren't really megatons here compared to Sony.

EA: D-: Dreadfully boring, also the stream died on me a couple times. D-s are probably the worst E3 conferences tbh, anything in the F range is interestingly bad but D-s are boring.

Ubisoft: D: Typical Ubisoft stuff. I was really disappointed they didn't really address last year's disaster though. I don't know how consumers are supposed to trust these guys.

Sony: A: It wasn't perfect, and it wasn't as good as my favorite Nintendo conferences, but this was still amazing. The whole thing felt like a fanboy dream. Like something out of an E3 fanfic.

Nintendo: C: No 2008 or 2012 disaster but the lack of big announcements was disheartening. Made it painfully obvious NX is a 2016 reveal. On the plus side it did have a lot of announcements I do care about (Zelda 3DS and Mario Tennis were significant highlights for me), so I'm giving them more credit than most probably would.

Square: B: Solid the whole way through. No megatons but I got exactly what I wanted out of this.

PC: C: Surprisingly well paced for a two and a half hour long conference and Day9 was a great host. At times it felt like a recap of other multiplat stuff though and most of the exclusives weren't amazingly interesting to me.


Will drop pants for Sony.
Dec 21, 2005
I'll only grade the ones I've seen

Microsoft - D. They pretty much preached to the choir. Halo this and that really didn't make me want an xbox one and the backward compatibility feels like a Hail Mary desperate move on their part or they would have included this day one on the xbox one.

EA - C. The mass effect teaser was cute but it felt so rushed. Sports madden whatever I was bored until the Star Wars stuff came on.

Sony - A-. they pretty much ended 3 gaming dreams in one conference and not only that but Horizon and the uncharted 4 demos looked great. Sony gets a minus for hardly any vita stuff

square -B+. kingdom hearts 3, Nier 2, and star ocean looked great but the mobile stuff brought them down a bit.

Game of the show: Horizon.


Oct 31, 2009
Other than the excessively long COD stage presence, Sony's conference has been pretty amazing.

The highlight of MS' conference for me was BC, which is a very nice feature but a little too late. Had this been a feature at the consoles launch or even last year, I would be more interested. Too much new games and too little time to go back to last gen stuff.

loaf of bread

Jun 6, 2014
Central New York
Sony: A

Ubi/Bethesda: B
EA: C-

Nintendo: D

Pure happiness with the NWC, awesome announcements at Sony but empty if you think about it since those games are pretty much nonexistend for years. Horizon looks awesome though. Fun times with Ubi but everything was Clancy. Looking forward to For Honor. Fallout seems fun. Mediocre stuff at MS but awesome Rare value saved the show. EA saved it with Mass Effect and ME. Nintendo blew it and fed the trolls for years to come.


Aug 31, 2013
Bethesda - A
All killer, no filler. Fallout, Dishonored 2, and motherfuckin' DOOM!

Microsoft - A-
Big focus on games, some new IP's, familiar IP's, striking a good balance. Rare Collection, Recore and Backwards Compatibility announcements really did it for me.

EA - C-
Mirror's Edge looks great, Star Wars looks killer, didn't care for anything else to be honest.

Ubisoft - C
Nothing really caught my attention, but the games shown look great.

Sony - A
Definitely the best showing, especially since I was part of the PS Experience event and attended the theater showing. The hype was real. TLG, FFVII Remake, and Shenmue 3 in the same conference is insane, and then you throw in Horizon and Uncharted? Just. Killer.

Nintendo - F
Star Fox Zero is literally the only redeeming quality of that 50 minute waste of time. My expectations were low considering that Zelda was a no show and NX would not be talked about, but I think we can all agree that Nintendo are leaving the Wii U to die slowly.

Square Enix - A
Probably my second favorite show. I love how Square has demonstrated that they can pump out quality western and Japanese games. I mean look at that lineup! KH3, Deus Ex, Star Ocean 5, Hitman, New JRPG IP, Just Cause 3, FFVII Remake. It's the best of both worlds and it's absolutely amazing to see a publisher with those properties under their belt.

PC Gaming - A-
A welcome surprise! I love the format, the host and the content. We got port announcements, new game announcements and AMD stepping in. The sheer variety of games they showed greatly demonstrates the scope of the PC platform, and I honestly wish it went on longer.


Oct 20, 2011
I thought Sony was amazing just for the 3 big reveals and the 3 minutes of no man's sky. That new Guerrilla game looks unbelievable as well. A+

MS overall was really solid. The backwards compatibility thing combined with the Rare collection were weirdly the highlight for me, but I thought Halo, and Recore both looked interesting as well. Fallout mod support was good, but they had already showed a lot of Fallout 4 at Bethesda which kind of stole the thunder of the segment. B+

Bethesda was by far the best of the individual publisher conferences. Fallout 4 looked better than anticipated with a bunch of weird building and dead rising style weapon creation and stuff added in. Doom looked pretty good, and I really liked snapmap. They didn't show much dishonored, but what they did made it look interesting. B

Ubi was pretty OK, but they run into problems for me because I'm not super into modern military stuff and it seems like Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Tom Clancy's The Division could all be one damn game. It looks like a good game, but I don't know that they need 3 FPS modern military shooters. For Honor looked great (but also looks like Chivalry). I hope I never seen anything Assassin's Creed ever again. B-

EA was a dumpster fire that showed nothing remotely of value outside of Battlefront (which was shown elsewhere) and Mirror's Edge 2. I guess the little Mass Effect thing was cool too. Almost half of it was terrible EA sports stuff mainly focusing on mobile games and ultimate team crap. I like Madden and I still couldn't stomach it. F
Oct 29, 2014
Bethesda: B- (Doom looked pretty good. Not into Fallout, but the showing was

Microsoft: B- (Backwards Compatibility is nice, Halo 5 looked good. Recore exclusive, but only CGI. Gears 4 showing wasn't good. Rare Replay is a great deal. Rare's new IP looks interesting. RotTR looked good.)

EA: D (Mirrors Edge and SW:BF looked good, everything else, terrible. I mean a fucking interview with Pele in the middle of a gaming conferene? WTF)

Ubisoft: D+ (GR: Wildlands looked good, but nothing else announed really interested me.)

Sony: B+ (Not really hyped for TLG & Shenmue but big announcements none the less. FF7 Remake is nice, but it isn't an exclusive. UC4 looked fantastic.)

Nintendo: D- (Showed a crappy looking Metroid spin-off, AC party game, and stuff we already knew about. SF looked good, as did the new Zelda game)

Square Enix: B (Just Cause looked great, New KH3 Gameplay, announced Nier)

PC: N/A (Didn't watch, Don't care about PC)


Jun 24, 2014
The Rankings:

Sony: A+

I don't think much more needs to be said at this point. The holy trinity of gigatons plus excellent demos for Uncharted 4 and Horizon. Sony is one of the few companies that actually knows how to make a good E3 demo.

Bethesda: A-

Todd Howard was the best presenter this E3. Fallout 4 looks amazing and a November release is huge. Doom is most fun a single player FPS has looked in a very long time, only problem is the piss filter. Dishonored 2 was a good announcement as well. Only problem was we knew everything going into it. Great conference regardless though.

Ubisoft: B-

Let me get this straight: I do not trust Ubisoft at all. But in terms of making conferences, they've been on point for the last four years. Pacing was great and the new announcements were good (aside from the lack of Obsidian in South Park). Only glaring issues were the god awful Jason Derulo performance and Division Downgrade.

Microsoft: C

Yes Backwards Compatibility is cool and all but their biggest announcement was just the fact that you can play SOME of your 360 games on Xbox One. Pacing was good, all games. Terrible demos for the first party games. I felt like I was missing out on some inside joke. Slow walk, dialogue, explosions, speed up, brief shooting segment, end. And aside from Halo 5 none looked impressive graphically. Still bitter about Rare making an MMO and not Banjo/Battletoads I guess. Elite Controller is $150 which is laughable. I don't have faith in MS stage demos after Kinect so I'm not sold on HoloLens just yet. Really needed some Scalebound and Crackdown.

EA: C-

We got a Mass Effect title and release window but it didn't tell us much and it's far away. Sports sections dragged on too much and the mobile ones flat out sucked. And lol Pele. Yarn presenter was awkward and nervous but at the same time the most genuine person at E3 and had a unique and lovely game to back up his talk. Battlefront and Mirror's Edge surpassed my expectations which overshadows everything else for me.

Nintendo: D-

What,,,the,,,fuck, I get it: NX is coming. But did you really need to shit on our dreams? We wanted a new Metroid and we got a handheld coop shooter with sports multiplayer. We wanted Animal Crossing for Wii U and got a Mario Party clone that requires amiibos. We wanted a Wii U Paper Mario and got a 3DS crossover with yet more Mario and Luigi after the previous game underwhelmed. Retro didn't even show up despite their big Twitter presence last week. Star Fox, despite disappointing graphically, looked fun and is developed by Platinum. However, I'm hearing some complaints about the control scheme. Yoshi and Xenoblade should just release already. They're showing us the same stuff. Oh and the release date for the latter is laughable. Mario Maker looks fun and all but they really should have done more for Mario's 30th anniversary.

Didn't watch Square Enix or PC so I'm not sure. Square had Kingdom Hearts so I'll put them above Nintendo and EA at the very least.

Overall, despite my harsh criticisms, this has been the best E3 in a very long time.


Feb 2, 2008
Bethesda: A
Fallout 4 exceeded my already high hopes for the series. Also, Dishonored 2.

Microsoft: C
Known quantities like Tomb Raider spent a lot of time on showy but shallow moments. The things that were new, like ReCore, were only CG and didn't give any gameplay info. The thing that got me most excited is the Rare collection, for better or worse.

Battlefront looks cool and it's nice to see Mirror's Edge is still on track. Unravel is cute. Mass Effect teaser was a whole lot of nothing. The rest was sports and mobile.

Ubisoft: D
Nice to see them taking another crack at South Park. Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six could be cool. Losing faith in The Division; it looks to just be a loot shooter and the lengthy development is worrying me. AC has yet to give me a reason to care. Awkward music segment.

Sony: A
The three megatons, but just as important is the announcement of new IPs like Horizon, which also included interesting looking gameplay footage. Uncharted 4 looks great, too.

Nintendo: C
I'm including the Smash direct and the NWC announcements here, as they are part of Nintendo's E3 package. Very happy with the Smash DLC and, if you couldn't tell by my avatar, ecstatic by the EarthBound Beginnings announcement. For me, EarthBound Beginnings is in the same miracle tier as Sony's bombshells. Mario Maker is super rad. That said, there is no denying today's Digital Event flopped outside of Star Fox Zero.

Square: A
Nier 2 with Platinum is a fantastic surprise! That could be a best-of-both-worlds collaboration. Just Cause 3, Hitman and Dues Ex all look super hot.
New RPG franchise coming from Square as well.

Seriously though, that was more of a gaming theme talkshow than a conference. It was neat, but I don't think comparisons should be made to mainstage conferences


May 25, 2013
Sony's conference was the best I have ever witnessed. It topped Sony's 2013 which was already epic.

Final Fantasy VII Remake + The Last Guardian + Shen Mue 3 was just too dreamy.


Feb 7, 2014
Being honest with myself Sony pretty much embarrassed everyone else to the point where their conferences didn't matter and the only things that mattered at their conferences also benefit Sony.

The Last guardian, Shenmue 3,Final Fantasy VII remake, Uncharted 4, Horizon, Dreams, Street Fighter V, Neir (while shown at SE conference has only been confirmed for PS4), Getting COD away from Microsoft, Securing Battlefront stuff first, (I don't like the practice but its been going on forever.) Having all of the Destiny Content already..... they basically just punked Xbox where they live, the fps genre.

Backwards compatibility was a nice announcement for MS but outside of that what really stood out?

Super Metroid is still my favorite game of all time, that being said the Nintendo Conference was completely and utterly insulting.


Sep 25, 2014
Oculus: Didn't watch.

Bethesda: 6/10 I'm not really interested in their lineup, but even I thought Fallout 4 looked neat. Though I felt like the Doom segment far outstayed its welcome and then they go on and show even MORE of it. That Fallout iOS thing dragged on too.

Microsoft: 8/10 even though I do not own an Xbone, I thought this was still a great conference. They had a complete focus on games, good pacing with little filler and also good diversity in their lineup. Also good on them for adding backwards compatibility.

EA: 5/10 Battlefront and Mirror's Edge looked really cool, and that Unravel game looked really neat, but the rest of this conference fell very flat for me. The whole EA sports section in particular was a complete bore. Especially that interview with that football dude. That does not belong in a game conference.

Ubisoft: 6/10 Okay conference. Wasn't really interested in anything they had to show outside of For Honor. Also I didn't like that dance segment.

Sony: 10/10 Now this is one for the history books. Holy shit. That conference was like some Gaffers fanwank post come true. I still can't believe all that happened.

Nintendo: 3/10 Now this one was really dull. I had a feeling this would happen, so I'm not too disappointed, but still. That shit made me feel bad for Metroid and Animal Crossing fans. Funnily enough, in a way, both Sony and Nintendo brought their respective fans to tears with their announcements. Heh.

Square Enix: 8/10 Really solid showing, good pacing, lots of cool looking titles, some good diversity, yea. I really liked this one.

PC: Didn't watch. My Laptop already stutters when I try to run Hearthstone, so I didn't really need to watch that one.


Nov 8, 2004
Microsoft B- Lots of focus on gaming and it had Dark souls 3. The Rare stuff was a disaster but other than that it was not bad.

Sony C They had some games with potential like TLG and Horizon but nothing sure fire. FF7 and Shenmue...meh.

Nintendo C- Some ok stuff on 3DS but the system is really looking old. They forgot the WiiU existed. The Metroid slap in the face.


Dec 28, 2008
Bethesda : 7
Doom was a bit of a letdown but Fallout 4 looks fantastic. Also the Dishonored 2 trailer was really cool.

MS : 6
Some cool system features but the games had almost no gameplay shown and were really predictable.

EA : 4
Fucked up pacing, Pele moment was a joke but NFS, Battlefront and Unravel looked quite good.

Ubi : 5
Not too much time spent on Assasin's Creed, a new IP (!!!), still a bit scared that Siege and The Division will end up being massive disappointments, curious about Ghost Recon

Sony : 9
Massive reveals, almost no bullshit, Horizon is probably the most exciting new IP of the E3. Only downsides are some games missing and not a lot of stuff for this year.

Nintendo : 4
A new Star Fox is always cool, Paper Jam looks nice, Mario Maker has a huge potential, down for Mario Tennis but the rest was just embarrassing. Wii U looks almost dead at this point.

Square : 7
Despite being really awkward, the show had a lot of games, super hyped for JC3 and really curious about Hitman. Maybe lacking some gameplay though.

PC Gaming Show : 6
Too long and not enough gameplay but really nice presentation and a lot of games.


Aug 20, 2013
Spring, TX
Bethesda B+ Fantastic showing and pace. For their first E3 conference, it was fantastic. Doom looked awesome, and Fallout 4 was brilliant. Dishonored has me hyped and Battlecry looks really interesting.

Microsoft B Halo 5 looked good but quite uninspiring to say the least. Rare 30 games was great and their new IP...lawd. Recore seems really interesting, and Gears looked really good imo. No doubt getting an XBONE this year. Also Backwards Compatibility is huge. Hololens was the biggest HOLY SHIT moment in their conference because it was downright breathtaking. Way better than last year.

EA B First of all to those that are saying "Sports suck! Wtf EA!" NEED to realize that this happens every year and this is what they literally have to do. It's a trade show. Need For Speed looked stunning, Unraveled looked original and great, PvZ GW2 looked good, Mirrors Edge looked haaaaaawt, and Battlefront was the best demo of E3. Minions paradise was trash and that soccer players talk were horrendous.

Ubisoft A- An extraordinarily fun show. The Division looked awesome as noted earlier, and very unique with this 'Black Zone'. R6 Seige is an instabuy, and looked really fun. For Honor was fucking sweet as shit and I need it. Now. Fractured but Whole. Nuff said.The zinger of the show for me, was Ghost Recon Wildlands. Wow does that look fun as fuck.

Sony A++++++++++++ Literally the best conference of all time. Started off with a bang and didn't stop. Yes they talked about their services but for a whole 4 minutes. TLG. GAMES. GAMES. GAMES. GAMES. FFVII Remake. GAMES. GAMES. Shenmue 3. GAMES. Uncharted 4. Horizon looked fucking off the chain, and Dreams from Media Molecule makes me want to have the craziest dreams just to store them in a game. Such a cool concept. Everything about this conference was fantastic and the pacing was so fast it didn't feel like a 'usual' Sony conference. I don't know how any conference can ever top that. I am proud to be a PS owner.
Believe! ;)

Nintendo D- What. In. The. Fuck. What happened? Nothing looked good and when it did (Mario Maker) it was stuff we already knew about. Paper Mario x Mario & Luigi is cool. Star Fox looked...not as good as I wanted. Sadly. Then, and this is the fucking worst, they made a GOD DAMNED Animal Crossing Party game. They shat on everyone who wanted an AC WiiU game, and what's worse is that it's played with amiibos and shitty cards. No. And then Metroid. Oh. How about you shot on us some more why don't ya? HORRIBLE. Barely better than '08. Thats right. You heard me correctly.

Square B Really cool conference. Games were they're and that what I care about. Nker 2 by Platinum is awesome, and Kingdom Hearts looks amazing. Wasn't expecting a demo of that longevity. Hitman will be sick, and Star Ocean was neat as well. Need to go and watch Deus Ex gameplay but I'm sure that was great as well. Also, Just Cause 3.... :O I give it a B because we saw 3 of the trailers they showed already.

Last year was CG3, but this year was pure gameplay bliss. Great E3 and will go down as one of the best ever. Personally, it was the best E3 of my lifetime. Such a fun 3 days, and couldn't have spent it better than I did. My friends were fucking hyped and so was I. Let's just say, we were ALL happy.
Not including Nintendo...such a disappointment. I own a WiiU btw.


Aug 18, 2013
Bethesda: B- - great first conference.
Microsoft: B- - BC announcement was huge, decent exclusives.
EA: C - lol.
Ubisoft: B+ - Aisha was fun as always.
Sony: A+ - You know why, Nothing needs to be said about this.
Squeenix: didn't see
Nintendo: lol.
PC: B? - Loved the format, loved the host, great showing.

I work on a A - C scale.
B average, A good and C below average.


Sep 17, 2007
Sony: A
Bethesda B+
Square: B+
Ubi: C
Nintendo: C-

I think the only real stinker was EA really.
Pretty much my grades as well.

Sony's only fault was the unevenness with the hardware talk. The VR headset was smothered by all the big announcements.

Bethesda had a great line up with (sadly completely spoiled by leaks)

Square had a great line up with a few surprises (NIER) but needed more gameplay.

MS had a bombshell with Halo 5, Recore and BWC with 360. Sadly the rest of the conference just petered out and Crackdown and Scalebound being no shows kind of worry me.

PC had the best presenter and lots to show but the ads for AMD and long run time dragged it down a bit. Also I am getting really frikkin sick of No Man's Sky's cockteasing.

Ubi was ok. Aisha did great as usual and the games weren't terrible but needed more UbiART to spice things up. Ubi definitely feels like it is in a form of stasis right now.

Nintendo, despite having a good lead up to the press conference, was a mess. Aside from Starfox and some decent 3DS games they had nothing. At least the presentation was mercifully short. I want to see their format copied by other companies but this year made a terrible case for the digital event.

EA was shit. Good games swallowed up by sports sports sports and little to show. Easily worst of the show.


Sep 23, 2013
Oculus 2: It was absolute trash outside like the last minutes when lucky came on stage.

Bethesda 8:Doom looked generic and slow,Dishonored 2 was CG and we all knew it was coming. Fallout 4 made that conference, no Fallout shelter for android:(

Microsoft 6.5:I hated the CG trailers the Gears 4 demo was pretty bad the BC was really nice, Cuphead looks amazing, the new Rare IP, i was disappointed it was an MMO. Encore weird that it had no gameplay trailer when its slated for spring 2016.

EA 4: Battlefront,CG and did you know they had Pele.

Ubisoft 7.5: For Honor looked good and their conference was just solid all around nothing really stood out though.

Sony 9.9:Three unicorn games i dreamed of, Horizon best new IP of the show by far(sorry MM) no big focus on VR which was good cause it does not demo well. Dreams the crazy creativity of MM at work,Uncharted 4 looks amazing and just once again proves that Naughty Dog is one of the best developers in the industry.

Nintendo 4.5:Barely any better then EA puppet skit was funny and Starfox looked pretty good the rest was just blah and Nintendo convinced me not to buy a WiiU till it hits sub 150$.

Square Enix 8:So many JRPGS i want, KH3 looked really good and Nier 2 was a very nice surprise it seems like Se is getting their act together after last gen.

PC Conference:Did not watch heard it was nothing special.