EA disabling purchased copies of Rock Band iOS? [Yes / No / Maybe / Bear's Driving!]

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Even as somebody that has purchased this game but kinda ignored it for years and never imagined playing it again, I am outraged at the idea a game I've paid for is now just going to stop working for no reason. I booted the game up on my phone and didn't get the message, but the evidence seems to be there. Additionally, I was unable to access the in-game store to download the DLC I foolishly purchased years ago.

Will this make you re-evaluate potential digital purchases?
Is this a "win" for a retail based future?
Does EA have any effin idea what it's doing?
Should we sue/demand a refund/protest?
Does anyone remember Rock Band?
WTF. I'm speechless. Fair enough if they wanted to close down the DLC store but to disable the entire game? Ridiculous. I'd be furious if I had purchased it.

You know, for a few years there, EA had REALLY turned itself around and regained a LOT of respect among gamers after the shit they had pulled for years.

Now it's back to that shit again.
Silly question: Is this game fully functional in Airplane Mode?

Part of me thinks this may just be EA shutting down their servers for games that people still are playing, again.
Will this make you re-evaluate potential digital purchases?
No, I don´t value my iOS purchases that much, I expect all kinds of shitty things to happen to them. On platforms like Steam, these things don´t happen. Even in cases like Outrun, where the game is not sold anymore because of licenses, it´s still available for download for those that have purchased it.

Is this a "win" for a retail based future?
Retail based future? Retail is retro for me. 90-95% of my games purchases have been digital since 2007.
I think they realised they were more profitable as assholes.
They also realized that they are well within their rights to pull this shit. DD, means no rights on ownership. The contract was deemed over by the licensing party (EA) and that's that.

For those suggesting a Class Action Lawsuit. There is no legal ground to stay on. DD doesn't grant you indefinite access to the stuff you paid for, you're by agreement allowed to use it.

In the US this agreement might actually hold value in Court, and at least in Europe, there is no clear juristiction on this kind of purchase yet so either way, you're shit out of luck.

But yeah, this kind of dick move is mostly expected from EA. Scamming Bastards.
No, which is why I'm confused exactly how it can work. The wording is certainly fairly concrete, but how do you stop apps with the app already installed from using it when it currently works when offline?
Unless is like those "timed demos" (I think Sonic Generations was like that) were after a specific date you couldn't play it..or something.


Lost all credibility.
I've seen other music game apps where you buy credits and use those credits to play a song a certain number of times, as opposed to keeping them forever. I wonder if maybe EA plans to move to that model.