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Embracer Group (prev. THQ Nordic) has acquired Saber Interactive (World War Z, The Witcher 3 Switch, Vampyr Switch)

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Embracer Group enters into an agreement to acquire the assets of US-based Saber Interactive. Saber Interactive is a leading game developer and publisher with more than 600 employees across six offices. During 2019 Saber Interactive realised approximately USD 105 million of revenues and USD 62 million of EBIT.1 The purchase price includes an initial consideration of USD 150 million, plus an earn-out consideration, subject to fulfilment of agreed milestones, of a maximum USD 375 million. Post closing, Saber Interactive will become Embracer Group’s fifth operating group and Saber Interactive’s co-founders and owners, Matthew Karch and Andrey Iones, will jointly become Embracer Group’s second largest shareholder.



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Pretty sure THQ Nordic has a sizable IP catalogue? Seems like a good move to buy a dev with experience porting games so they can pump out more of those Remasters / Remakes / Collections / etc


World Z its a solid and fun game. Although I stopped playing because those updates where making the game terrible and abusive for solo.

But Saber so far has only impressed me, so its good news I think.


Why did they change their name to Embracer Group?
To avoid confusion with THQ Nordic GmbH and to clarify its position as a holding company, THQ Nordic AB was renamed Embracer Group in September 2019, while THQ Nordic retained its name.
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It's like a black hole in the gaming industry sucking up every IP and small dev studio.
They must have an IP collection bigger than EA or Activision by now.
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