Epic Mickey 2 Revealing On March 27th

Technically it says an "epic" project from Warren Spector and Disney, but uh, it's pretty obvious what it is.

Nintendo Master said:
Il a longtemps été fantasmé, les rumeurs et rebondissements se sont succédés tel un épisode des Feux de l'Amour et pourtant, il semblerait que la lumière se présente au bout du tunnel ! Comme beaucoup d'autres sites, nous venons de recevoir une invitation de la part de Disney France et Warren Spector pour nous présenter le 27 mars prochain un nouveau "projet épique" ! Difficile de ne pas faire le rapprochement entre ce terme et le titre d'un jeu du monsieur, Epic Mickey. Alors que les rumeurs vont bon train sur une suite de l'aventure de la souris de Disney sorti sur Wii, un Epic Duck Tales n'est pas à exclure comme le laissent entendre certaines rumeurs. Il faudra certainement patienter jusqu'à cette présentation pour en avoir le coeur net.

Soyez certains que nous couvrirons l'évènement pour vous rapporter les dernières nouvelles au plus vite, patience est donc de rigueur !
Source: http://www.nintendo-master.com/xtne...tor_devoilera_un_projet_epique_le_27_mars.htm

Eurogamer said:
Epic Mickey 2 has been revealed by a Disney newsletter.

The newsletter, which was edited soon after Disney news website Stick Kingdom spotted it, said Epic Mickey 2 launches Christmas 2012 for PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360.

It detailed the game's co-op mode, which sees a second player assume the role of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit "with the power to fly like a helicopter and use electricity to fight or friend enemies and solve challenges".

The text from the newsletter in full:

"Disney Epic Mickey 2 is the latest game in the critically acclaimed Disney Epic Mickey videogame series. In this all-new action-platforming game available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, Mickey embarks on an epic journey and is pulled back into a world filled with Disney's forgotten characters. Players can choose to play single-player as Mickey or for the first time players can also choose two-player split screen mode. In the two-player mode one person can play as Mickey wielding magic paint and paint thinner to dynamically change the world and the second player can play as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Walt Disney's first cartoon star - with the power to fly like a helicopter and use electricity to fight or friend enemies and solve challenges. Team-up and choose your path to save this forgotten world because the choices you make will alter the story and change the end of the game!"
Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-01-03-epic-mickey-2-revealed-by-disney-newsletter
I assume this one is multi-plat for the Wii U and current-gen consoles?
Not really port begging :X it just makes sense to put it on as many consoles as possible if the engine allows for it.
What if you didn't select any and hit submit, it would register as Ducktales?

serious for a second, the first game had some nice idea, but heaps of problems. quite a few games have improved tremendously after a poor first entry and I'm hoping it's the case here. I dug the nostalgia of the first game and it's good material to work with.
I think he's referring to another port begging meltdown on GAF. O_O;;
nah the sequel is supposed to be multi-platform this time.

Hopefully this time around Warren actually uses, y'know OBSCURE disney stuff.

I want stuff like Treasure planet, Pete's dragon, The black cauldron and The three caballeros.

Not stuff like Peter pan, Alice in wonderland and Sleeping beauty, everyone knows that stuff and most people associate them with disney since they're so iconic.
While I enjoyed the first game, I didn't enjoy it anywhere as much as I'd hoped I would. That being said, I am still optimistic for this.
Since this one is bound to be multiplatform, I don't expect to see a ban wave as immense as the one for Epic Mickey 1.

I just hope this new game is more polished. Loading times and slow moving unskippable shots of the landscape before you get to explore them are just wrong.
Could be a beautiful Vita game. But yeah, Wii/HD ...
based on the first game, Wii U and Vita (and next Xbox if that tablet rumor pans out) are the best fit. one of the big problems with the first game was the camera. it'd be better if you just had standard 3D platformer controls, right analog for camera, and all the painting on the touchscreen.

this is a random observation but thinking about it, Red Faction Armageddon's destruction was similar to painting in Epic Mickey.
A Wii U launch title might work well. Launch titles usually sell well. Mickey + launch + Sequel to a game that already did pretty well = success?
i am guessing this could possibly be the PS move killer app...what do you guys think? i don't see it working well with kinect or wiiu tablet and we all seen how it worked with the wii soooo????