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Revolving Dildo Machine
Lol, that's great.

I just like the word Stasis in general, but it does mean balance/stability, which goes well with me being a Libra, and it's also a great brand of aftermarket suspension parts commonly used on VW/Audi which I'm a huge fan of and drive. Also widely used in various science-fiction films/novels/shows, which appeals to the dork in me. So it fits for a variety of reasons.
I used to use TripleOption55. The triple option being my favorite football play and 55 being the number I wore when I played. Then I chopped TripleOption down to TripOpt to make it shorter. Also allows people online to just call me Trip which I like. Really love the username. Wish I had used it for PSN/360.
The name I used to go by on the internet was "jokerz". Someone took the name, I believe on steam, so I had to find an alternative to the name and came up with this. Been using it ever since (and a bunch of other aliases as well)
All my usernames have tended to come from books I am reading at the time I need them.

Brightroar is the name of the lost Lannister Valyrian sword from ASoIAF. Used it first years ago and it seems to have stuck and carried over into everything else.
Mine came from my favorite team of any sport The Chicago Bulls and our superstar Derrick Rose. His number is 1 and I can't remember for the life of me why I put 01 instead. Probably a typo I didn't notice.

Then he goes and blows his ACL out in the very first playoff game :(

Watch Da Birdie

I buy cakes for myself on my birthday it's not weird lots of people do it I bet
Pun off the phrase Watch-The-Birdie...

Watch-the-Birdie, a 19th century photographer's accessory: a toy figure of a bird to relax and amuse children during a portrait session.
Wasn't aware of the origins till I looked it up just now, haha.

And punning of Birdie from Street Fighter, my avatar.
It's a taunt me and my roommate always shouted at each other while playing Street Fighter against each other, I believe he heard the taunt during one of those SF pro tournaments they stream online.

Kinda liked the randomness of it, plus I'm Dutch and we're apparantly known for our cheese (lolwhat), so there ya go.

edit: I really need to start posting more, I've been a junior for like 3 years now.
When we first got the internet my mom told me to create a name to use online. I was pretty into a play-by-post Star Wars RPG at the time so I used a Star Wars name generator to get my online name. So naturally it’s just my first and last name smashed together.
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