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Fable not having Peter Molyneux at the helm is best for it


Apr 19, 2018
You made it sound like a great series... it didn't star great, it only got worse and you are glad the creator is gone?

Personally I think Peter Molyneux is one of the most full of himself but rarely delivering even 1/10th of what he promises people I've ever seen, whenever he's involved in anything I pretty much just roll my eyes and expect nothing but mediocrity.


Apr 19, 2018
Can anyone tell me what the core tenets of Fable?

All I really know about it is that it's an action RPG, with British humor, and Peter Moleynuex would come up with crazy ambitious ideas that never planned out.

Jeez this turned into a Peter hate thread. The man is the Don Trump of video game promises though, so understandable. The only unforgivable act he's done imo was the entire Milo fiasco

I'd rather have guy who overshoots to mars and deliver us to moon than guy who promises wooden shed being made and makes wooden shed.

Moly sure was overhyping everything but if you look at his games they were all ground breaking and different from everything else out there.

Black and White is used as biggest reason why Moly is lying piece of shit or something because his promises were not fulfilled in complete form. But if you look at game it is completely mindblowing what they did in there.

First AI in game that actually learned from player behavior and could figure out things for himself. No one still replicated the level of AI in that game and it has been nearly 20 years.
Great RTS with really fun mechanics
Amazing angel/devil voice acting and game story.

Yes he didn't deliver his promises with B&W but what he delivered was still leaps and beyond what games were then.
And that is not going into his older games which were also all ground breaking.


Apr 27, 2015


Apr 21, 2010
Playground is a solid developer. I have confidence that they'll deliver a good game. I'm glad they're taking a fresh look at it. I enjoyed Fable, but three installments from Peter M. was enough. I'd like to see what Playground does.

Can anyone tell me what the core tenets of Fable?

Other people might see it differently, but here are the core features of Fable, from my perspective:

- Open world single player RPG
- Light fantasy world, like you'd find in a fable (thus the name)
- Lighthearted tone (the opposite of the dark/grim/serious tone in many other games)
- Colorful, vibrant art style, with a slightly cartoonish look
- Easy combat, emphasis on accessibility (opposite of a Dark Souls type approach)
- Silly, adolescent humor -- e.g., fart jokes, sex jokes, kicking chickens
- Ability to get married and have kids, iirc
- Good and evil choices, which your character would reflect
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May 7, 2019
He's still quite the visionary though, I have massive respect for the game's he made.


Apr 19, 2018
You forgot interactivity.
It was really amazing to buy buildings in fable games, or date any NPC in game bar few as your waifu/husbando.

My favorite was F3. I get why people didn't like twist but imho it was amazing idea that just wasn't executed gracefully and people didn't actually liked to be challenged and play as bad person for people who actually fought for you to achieve your goals. The biggest problem is that whole charade with playing bad guy was meaningless in the end since game didn't care about your choices and gave you only one ending. So not only game forced people to make lesser of two evil choices that they were not prepared for but also completely ignored those choices at the end rubbing that salt into wound.

People tend to forget that not only Moly is not in MS but also Lionhead was shutdown. PEople who make New Fable don't have anything to do with old team. So i expect it being boring bog standard RPG.
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Aug 4, 2015
We've got a guy I call MolyTwo at our works (not game development)

Comes up with all these half baked ideas, has idiots eating out of his hand telling him to run with it, six to nine months later has delivered fuck all except for another half baked idea.