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Game Pass is the Reason why Xbox is Failling - Opinion

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Maybe to someone that has been part of the xbox ecosystem for awhile might feel that way. For me as a PS5 user, getting an XsX was exactly for the gamepass option. Theres more games there than i could ever play in a single generation. I dont have to wait for a sale or whatever, just download and play it for "free".
the last beat is so fucking....

this guy is so clueless.


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I’m not reading all of that. I’ll just say GamePass is the only reason I care for Xbox and that I wouldn’t own the console if it didn’t exist.


Day 1 on gamepass and PC is in part of why Xbox is crashing

You got to timegate PC. But since Xbox doesn't care about selling consoles, guess it doesn't matter then.


One problem with Game Pass that doesn’t get mentioned much is that if you entirely or primarily play Game Pass games on you Xbox then you don’t build a digital library tying you to the ecosystem. I’ve barely bought any games this gen, I sell it and I’m out nothing relating to the game library.


Gamepass is not the reason why Xbox is failing. It's just a game rental service at the end of the day.

The reason I think Xbox is failing is that their priorities are all outta whack and they are not paying to their true strengths.

Microsoft is not just a software company first, it's THE PC software company. I can't even begin to think of how ridiculous and stupidity is that MS leaves the market/industry where they already have a global user base of around 70% on the most prolific computing platform on the planet (PC) and are here literary spending billions for console war and market share.

Nintendo has its own thing, Sony has its thing, MS thing is and should have been the PC space. And like I said in another thread, most won't realize how oblivious this oversight is and how stupid MS is until Valve does it.


There's definitely a lack of big AAA games that have a wide mass appeal.

But saying they're failing isn't correct. They have never made as much money as they are now.

And as far as gamepass goes, it's the entire point of xbox. Constant games to try. Some you play for an hour, some you play for a month. But that's the fun of it. It's like a buffet of games.

Buffets aren't for everyone but they're great when you just want a bit of everything


Imagine being able to only afford one console and talking shit about the one you don't have.

...I can't
And what if someone can only afford one console?

You can't imagine a world where someone might talk shit about another opposing system? And your on Gaf.

What if maybe I can afford all the consoles plus high-end pc and chose not to buy Xbox because my ecosystem is on the other console. What if Xbox is unappealing to some because they have zero games? What if the head of xbox gaming division came out publicly and said essentially 'we cant and will never be able to compete'?Could you imagine that?

I don't need to because it's now all over the gaming news.


I'm fine with GP and stuff. Heck, if I didn't buy everything because I'm an idiot, I'd sub to these if they had the games I want. But Gamepass, Plus Extra, even Netflix for the most is the new "Direct to Video". Sometimes theres great content but a nice chunk is Steven Seagal as a cop with DMX.


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Nothing to do with game pass, it's the best thing they've done with the recent hardware.

The failure point was kinect and tv, tv, tv. Its like they totally lost site on what worked and have failed at picking the software side back up.

Hopefully this changes in a month but I am seriously doubting their ability to do anything right now.


Gamepass is going the same way as Netflix at the moment, ton of shovelware on there and nothing you actually want to watch or play
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