Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water: eShop Exclusive in North America?

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Right, so Nintendo just updated its North American site to add a good number of the games they showcased at E3 including Fatal Frame V here. What is interesting is that instead of getting some sort of boxart, even placeholder boxart, the game has a full formed eShop symbol on the side there which probably means Maiden of Black Water is going to be a digital release only and I certainly can see that happening.
Please No. I'll even take GameStop exclusive release over this. Was really wanting this on my shelf.

Only way I'll even cut some slack is if the price is lowered to accommodate digital only.
Dammit Nintendo if you do all these eshop exclusives make the hard drive on your systems actually able to hold more than two games. I want this game so much I'll buy it anyways though.
Still wouldn't explain why NoA is not aknowleding the very existence of D3rd, though. They at least talked about Fatal Frame during E3...
Probably because they played it and realize it's not a good game. Fatal Frame might not sell but if they still think it's a good game then makes sense to give it spotlight.
I'm fine with this if it means Nintendo can release this without shouldering a lot of risk, I'm guessing this decision (if true) was made due to sales projections. If it's digital-only in Europe I'll still buy it, but it will be disappointing, as this is the sort of game I do want on my shelf. I even bought Splatoon as a disc for the same reason, despite having Rayman Legends, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo Land, Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as digital downloads.

Still, it's sad to see NoA take a conservative approach again, it reminds me very much of the Xenoblade/The Last Story situation.

Has this scenario described in the OP ever happened with any "major" release on the wii u?
Don't think so. I seem to remember F1 Race Stars' belated release going Digital Only (albeit at a reduced price) and Namco released those One Piece games digital-only in either North America or Europe. Forgot which region.


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I get that this sucks. I always by physical as well.

But would you really pass on a game if it was digital only? Seems rash.
Yeah, I would. Especially on a Nintendo system.

I'll just buy a European copy locally and pick-up a cheap Euro Wii U someday when it's discontinued.
Well, that means no GCU discount which is sad. I've still got 400 GB free on my hard drive though, so no problem with digital games in theory.

They should price it at $50 though instead of $60 if it's eshop only and no dub.


Has this scenario described in the OP ever happened with any "major" release on the wii u?
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2

One Piece: Unlimited World Red

Both are full fledged games that saw retail releases elsewhere in the world and only got a digital release here. Also, note that both games sport that square design for their game symbols that all eShop releases have.
If Nintendo don't want to release it at retail, I don't know why they don't just do a limited Special Edition print run and just put it on their own website for a limited time before launch (just make enough copies to cover those pre-orders).
Not the important part but if you want a Nintendo example Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars got a boxed release in Europe and a full on disc release in Japan while in North America all we got was the eShop.
Forgot about that one! That makes two retail balls dropped by NoA this year already.
Well. So much for looking forward to that.

Still nice that they made the effort to localize it at least. Hopefully we get future entries if they happen.
There's such a small market for M-rated titles on Wii U. It's not the AAA game that would get attention, retailers are probably backing off it and a print run is expensive. I'm willing to bet if it's come to this we're probably lucky to get it at all.
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