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Final Fantasy XVI: The Possibility Of More DLC 'Is Not Zero,' But You Really Shouldn't Expect More


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Final Fantasy XVI a huge success and the team that developed the game has announced two DLCs of content, with one already available and another in development scheduled for release this year.

"That's a difficult question," Yoshida tells me through a translator when I ask about more DLC. "My honest answer is, 'I don't know at the moment,' but at the same time, the possibility isn't entirely zero. I don't want to bar out any real possibilities at this time. The reason being is that we did spend a lot of effort [...] and time creating this game [...] and we put a lot of cutting edge technology into this game.

"And because of that, we were able to gain a lot of experience, a lot of learnings, that we can possibly apply to our next project or title. So my honest feeling is that the team does want to take on a new challenge and move on to a different project – maybe it's a completely new game, perhaps in a completely new form of entertainment. I feel like ultimately, that might be the best route for not just the players, but for us as well, too. But again, to reiterate, the possibility of more DLC content for Final Fantasy XVI is not zero."
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Naoki Yoshida makes it clear that the possibility of more DLC content for Final Fantasy XVI is not zero, but he also warns that he, as well as the game's development team, want to work on another project, which could be a completely new game.

It would be great if they add a true hard mode.

The difficulty of Echoes of the Fallen was nice, should've been the base difficulty of the entire game. Can't see what else they could do story-wise other than side chapters playing as Cid or Joshua.
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I would be very interested in a Cid DLC. One that explores his previous allegiance and its fallout, up until the moment he meets Clive.


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As much as I liked FF16, I want that team and that combat system to be put on a game not shackle by the Final Fantasy brand.
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