Fire Emblem 3DS bundle hitting NA

Ah shit! My favorite OG 3DS design!

Happy to see NoA trying to push this game. This gives me hope that the special Animal Crossing XL comes over as well... :D


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
I said this reading about Japanese voices in the game, I'll say it again: Nintendo really wants to boost those 3DS sales in the West.

Heck, it's even more pertinent this time.
Not an XL. Wish it were. Doesn't really matter though; I already own one.

Still this is great. Nintendo is really pushing this game in NA, I like that. I hope a lot of people like it. Personally I can't wait to get it.
Near miss. If I could get an XL with a Fire Emblem game, I would have thought about getting this to stop bumming off of my gf's 3DS. Shame.
F-YES! OH MAN, so glad I didn't buy the purple one. OH MAN OH MAN. If there's only one 3DS model I like more than the original Aqua Blue it's this one.
No way! I tried (and failed) to get one of those bundles back when the JP one was announced. They ended up being fairly limited as I recall. Yay for us!
Pretty cool and glad NoA is doing this. But wish it was a XL, than I'd be all over it!

Still cool.

Reggie loves Dragon Quest so since Nintendo's been publishing DQ lately, think we'll get a DQ7 XL bundle with pre-installed DQ7? :D
Got excited for a XL color that doesn't suck.

Leave dissapointed.

...still kinda want it tho lol. Even if I've never been into FE before. Does this FE have the ability to grind without losing a character like Sacred Stones did? I know thats the point of FE, but and permanatly losing a character is fine, but no grinding is hard for me since I usually suck at RPGs despite playing alot lol.