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Football/Fútbol/Fussball/Calcio/Soccer Thread 2011/12 |OT4| Why always Tokyo Sexwale?

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Penultimate OT before OT5, OT6 and OT7 of silly transfer month...

Thanks to CaramaC for the awesome banner, and to PaulLFC for the layout :)

We are all friends here.

What will happen?
- Will Villas Boas be a success at Chelsea?
- Will Sneijder/Modric/Nasri/Fabregas actually move clubs?
- Will Liverpool's strategy of spending big on British players pay off?
- How ambitious will Venky's be approaching the new season with Blackburn?
- Will John Henry still administer verbal beatdowns to anyone who's deserving of them?
- How will Torres fare at Chelsea this season?
- Is the recent instability over for Aston Villa?
- Who will emerge victorious from the Real v Barca battle?
- Will a French village team attempt to sign Messi again?
- Can Dortmund continue their fantastic form from last season?
- How will Porto cope this season without AVB in charge?
- Will FIFA stick to their guns over the Qatar world cup situation?
- Will Man City still have the best website in the known universe?
- Will Gunnersaurus make his Premier League debut?

The Leagues (click a team to visit their website)













Eredivisie - Table | Last season's top 4: Ajax, FC Twente, PSV Eindhoven, AZ Alkmaar
Ligue 1 - Table | Last season's top 4: Lille, Marseille, Lyon, PSG
Liga ZON Sagres - Table | Last season's top 4: FC Porto, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Sporting Braga
MLS - Table | Last season's top 4: LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, Red Bull New York, FC Dallas
Clydesdale Bank Premier League - Table | Last season's top 4: Rangers, Celtic, Hearts, Dundee United

GAFfers' Clubs - which team is the best supported on GAF?
AC Milan - dschalter
Ajax - Arjen, Wessiej
Arsenal - Boozeroony, colonisation, DangerousMali, DOBERMAN INC, Judderman, Kweh, Lightning, Meus, omgkitty, pix, Plasma
Aston Villa - Awesome Animals, rodvik, Wes
Barcelona - Messi, OriginalThinking, Verano
Bayern - Blablurn, elsk, Hasphat'sAnts, Hieberrr, Nemic77, spidye
Benfica - Andrefpvs, DyonPT, rvy
Besiktas - besiktas1
Blackburn - Jeff Albertson
Borussia Dortmund - Phantast2k
Celtic - Sage00
Chelsea - flintstryker, Gaaraz, GQman2121, Help Me!, JWong, Kylehimself, SenorDingDong, steverulez, xintin
Club Deportivo Guadalajara - Regulus Tera
Copenhagen - BatmanBatmanBatman
Corinthians - seabee
Everton - faridmon, sazabirules, Temrer
Fenerbahce - UV-6
Fulham - xbhaskarx
Juventus - Charles, fadetoblack, Shake Appeal, Smeghead, Yurt, Zabojnik
Leeds United - amitaiwinehouse
Liverpool - Arnie, ATF487, bjaelke, bonesmccoy, CaramaC, Cerebral Assassin, danwarb, Dark Machine, Darth Sonik, DJmizuhara, elseanio, Feorax, Fry8, FuturusX, jamieson87, K444WSR, labadal, Mastadon, MarshMellow96, odd_morsel, operon, PaulLFC, Seep, severin, Shogun PaiN, Skoptsie, sohois, Vard, Yenrot
Malaga - tolkir
Man City - BattleMedic, confuziz, dc89, Kermit the Dog, Manager
Man Utd - Ashes1396, BLSwagger10, blurrygil, Brinbe, Cyport, Desmond, DominoKid, Dynoro, elfinke, fahatzara, Fëanor, Grover Cleveland, Jburton, K1LLER7, kharma45, KidA Seven, LabouredSubterfuge, magnificent83, pappe, Requiem, Salazar, Slizz, Snaku, Stubo, The Friendly Monster, Tim the Wiz, Wilbury, WJD, yella
Newcastle - Carbonox_Ratchet, Chriswok, JesusTom, Keio, offshore
New York Red Bulls - Judderman
Olympiakos - gate777
Palermo - Joe
Porto - Letters, RaGe_pt, tonitoni
Real Madrid - Anastacio, MPW, Noirulus, Spanish Wrath
QPR - Polari
Sheffield Wednesday - Mat C
Sporting CP - BLSwagger10
Sunderland - HixxSAFC, madmackem
Tottenham - Bungieware, Clydefrog, near, NeoTB1, Scum, Ushojax, zomgbbqftw

Let me know your team and I'll add you to the list.






This Is Football
Goals of 2010/2011
A Life for a Goal - The Ultimate Ronaldo movie - Fantastic 41-part, 6 hour film about Il Fenomeno

General Information / FAQs
Football - Wikipedia
Statto - League tables as they were at a chosen time of the season, plus form tables, goals etc
Who Scored? - Live match statistics plus stats archive
101 Great Goals - Quick video updates for goals scored across the world.

Q. I'm looking to get more into watching football. Which team should I support?
A. The simple answer is, support whoever you want. But crucially, pick a team and stick with them, through the good times and the bad. If you change allegiances as soon as your chosen team has a bit of a hard time, you won't experience what it's truly like to be a fan. Besides, it just makes the good times all the better.

Bring on the rest of the new season!


Q. Are there any matches being played today? / When is [X] game and is it on TV?
Check Live Football on TV for a list of upcoming matches. Note that the channels shown are mostly UK channels, but once you know the time of the game, you can check to see if it's being shown on local TV.

Blogs you may be interested in
The Swiss Ramble
The andersred Blog
The Football Ramble Blog
Said & Done (returning in time for the new season)

GAF's Fantasy Premier League - How to join
- Go to the Fantasy Premier League website
- Register, or log in if you already have an account
- Pick your team - you have £100 million total to spend. You can change your team up until a day or two before the season kicks off.
- Click on "Leagues" at the top of the page, then "Join League"
- Choose "Private league" and click Next
- Quote this post for the join code, which you will find inside the email tag right here:

NEW! GAF's Fantasy UEFA Champions League... leagues
- Go to http://en.uclfantasy.uefa.com/ to sign up
- Create your team - again, you have £100 million to spend in total.
- Click on "Leagues" and then "Join League"
- Quote to see the league join codes, one for the classic league, and one for the head to head league:

Let me know if anyone wants something added (video, useful blog etc) to the OP
Let's do this!!!!

¡¡¡¡Cómo no te voy a querer, cómo no te voy a querer, si fuiste Campeón de Europa por Novena vez!!!!

Hasta el Final, vamos Real!!!!


I am predicting here now that that bad run Chelsea has been having is going to come to an abrupt end pretty soon and all you guys will start to feel silly.



The street on which the hotel City are using is ground to a halt today as people waited to see the team.

One man got some particular attention.
Just signed up in the CL Fantasy League

My crappy starter team:

----Rafinha------Vertonghen----Thiago Silva------Bianchetti
----Busquets------Bender-----Noccerino---------Xabi Alonso


United fans be scarce these days. Where you at broz!?
The way things are going, we are already banned. Regardless, reporting in! Looking forward to Benfica tonight, possibility of Berbatov getting a game. I'm craving a triumphant return to form, resulting in a run of games and hat tricks...however unlikely it is.

The return of twitter wars is unexpected, but appreciated. If one of the players posted that CFC tweet there would be trouble.

Also: I'm disappointed by the lack of 'Blatter problems' in the title, it was perfect.


il capo silenzioso
I want Bayern to humiliate Villarreal, and City to break Cavani's legs. Lavezzi too, if possible (no pressure).

Great thread title, I still wish we could get further away from the Man City crap. They are not deserving of four titles in a row.

Chris R

Chelsea's game against Liverpool was pretty bad :( And if City keeps destroying like they are the title will be out of reach before too long.

Just can't finish worse than 4th I would think... I guess that would be a decent result for this season.
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