Forspoken reportedly cost $100 million to make


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Is not that "so much" at least... maybe a bit too much for Square but...yeah.... i'm excpected a bit more. Pretty sure FFXV costing more than this.
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Ain't no way in hell. :messenger_grinning_smiling:

I think they should start investigating potential embezzlement, only possible explanation.
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I guess the majoriy of the money went into wages over multiple years.
I guess so anyway as some games you can see that budget on screen, this is NOT one of those games.
In this game all the budget is behind the screen. They started with the FFXV code base. They had to untangle code for the car, and the busted teleport system, and then convert it into magic sneakers on a game engine designed to please Tetsuya Nomura. Might as well ask them to divide by zero.


Yipes!!! That FFXV engine had terrible looking lighting imo… no type of ambient lighting. I don’t know anything though.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
If I was Sony, I would want my money back. They probably bought the exclusivity after seeing the original footage and were straight up scammed by SE at the end.

What they paid for:

What they got:

In a vacuum the release games areas look fine, but compared to that clearly bullshot trailer, yeah ....
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