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I've played for 4 hours. Beat 2 "bosses" and some regular enemies (wolfs, zombies... generic AF). Collected some mana, upgraded few powers. High difficulty. You're wrong. It might look good on video montages but it's not fun to play. Try it and you'll understand.

Will keep that in mind then. Will wait for it to hit my price on Steam rather than a keystore. That way I can refund it if need be.


PC(Max setting)
Even on PC, its still such an ugly game. More due to the artstyle than anything.

No wonder this was made by the same FF XV team.

I've downloaded FF XV again to test my notebook, and that game can be so gorgeous at times, but so bland looking most of the time due to the lack of artistic vision.

The map is so devoided of anything interesting. No landmarks, no interesting places to explore, nothing.

I almost feel pity for this guy

He's been trying so hard to keep being relevant after all these years since God of War
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I’ve played some more this evening and K still like it. They stop to tutorialize a bit annoyingly but it’s fine.
This really is the most chill, inoffensive game possible. How could it make so many people angry :p
Frey talks like an idiot because that’s who she is. But I like it and her chemistry with the cuff. It’s kinda honest.
And yeah, graphics still look great to me. I didn’t had any of texture loading problems in cutscenes on ps5 like digital foundry showed in their review. Maybe they played without day1 patch.

Parkour is very addicting jus toile infamous. Very similar to neon power in second son.
The other weird thing is how cutscenes are presented. Fade to black is very mmo like but the acting and cutscenes quality is of high quality. Except that Apple. Holy fuck was that Apple huge lol
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Seems like people are quiting the game in droves on twitch, combat and performance seems to be the main culpit, also unlikable endless cursing main char.


On thing I learned about playing the demo of this game is that have your power plan set to high performance. Your power plan can throttle your video card.


The is the first game I have seen where the PC version requires a SSD. I found a cheap refurbished one on Best Buy.

That is starting to become a thing now.

The Skull

I got attacked for this, posting in OT Thread. Ppl have no humor
To be fair he's an absolute idiot who cries at any PC game that defaults to WSAD on keyboard or plays better with a controller.

He's disabled comments on videos before when he's been called out for shit and gone "ohhhh my health". He's fine for some daft entertainment but useless as a reviewer.


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To be fair he's an absolute idiot who cries at any PC game that defaults to WSAD on keyboard or plays better with a controller.

He's disabled comments on videos before when he's been called out for shit and gone "ohhhh my health". He's fine for some daft entertainment but useless as a reviewer.
Dont bore me please ignore me . Thanks


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You couldn't pay me enough to play this trash.


The game really and truly isn't trash at all. The game was just never going to be for a lot of people. The only way most of the people who aren't into games like this would ever play it is if it was some graphical showcase. I still think the game looks good, but it just doesn't look good enough for those who would be stepping out of their comfort zone. A game like this is right up my alley and the negative reviews of it haven't done a thing to change my genuine excitement for the game.
I just watched the Digital Foundry video on this game. It doesn't look good visually, but you can see the artistry shine through with the animation and the particle effects, both of which impressed me with FFXV. It's enough to give it a memorable look.

The whole game reminds me of XV. It had some terrible design choices (the on rail car, the awful story, the empty open world, stealth sections), but the gameplay was excellent to the point where I platinumed it. I also like the idea that you can mainline the game's story without much bullshit.

I'm not sure what's up with this team or the engine. Very weird.
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Finally played the demo and it seems pretty good actually. I liked the world and all the effects. I just won’t be able to play it when my kids are around thanks to potty mouth Frey.


The fact that everything else is bombing puts a lot of pressure on their team for XVI.
there is huge movement of fans doesnt trust square enix anymore after dissapointment of FF13 and 15. stuff with Marvel Avenger added fuel to the fire but most of people ignored it due to it from their used to be western division

then, FF16 revealed and slowly, more fans started to get interested in positive way and slowly gaining back confidence or attention toward them. more people willing to give chance.

BUT, from what i observe in these past few days from social media and place like reddit, thanks to this game, itseems there is huge plummeted of trust for square enix. i see comment everywhere saying that they doesnt trust square enix able to make good game anymore due to this game reception and this including when someone mention FF16. those who show interest before now suddenly think twice.

poor Yoshida and team. FF16 slowly gain momentum of interest and yet this game might ruined their marketing. from this point onward, the success of FF16 become very crucial for the company.

but im positive it would turn out great so when it does, it will be a huge reversal moment.
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I didn’t see an OT, or a PC performance thread to post this in, but I guess I’ll shoot my shot here.

Is there no PlayStation five dual sense support on the PC version? I have mine plugged in, when I go to look at controls it’s showing the layout for a dual sense, and in the image, But for the life of me, I am not feeling any special kind of vibration here in the first three hours of the game. Which is strange, because when I played plague requiem off of Xbox game pass on PC, it natively realized I was on a dual sense, and it supported it .


I just finished the game and I really liked it overall. Sure the main character is a bit weak and the side quests aren't that interesting. But the combat, controls and story are great. music is decent and the game most of the time looks excellent. There is a 120 fps vrr option too. It does take a bit to get the pacing going and I highly recommend you stick to the main storyline until you get additional moveset which makes the combat immensely more fun. I really enjoyed the combat and magic parkour. Did not run into any bugs. A little hard to recommend for $70 bucks but I really hope more people give this game a try when it goes on sale. Pretty decent package overall with some rough edges.
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