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This thing needs a sleek modern multi function OS. If this gets em there them great. I was already fearing the possibility that the One would have the better OS again by default. Now maybe they will have equal feature sets.

Many of you don't care I know. I however like game consoles that do a lot of things. I also like the little features that make gaming easier. Multitasking, save states, game suspension etc.
If the larger RAM allocation is true, could some of that extra reservation be for Gaikai usage down the road?

Not sure how that works but sounds like it might tax both the gaming side and the os side of things

Of course probably wrong
So I wonder how much CPU/GPU their OS is now using from the upgrade.

But the Xbox One is using 3 OS, 2 of which are for mandatory Kinect and cable box integration features.
Well that is just not true.
One OS is for the games.
One OS is the Windows OS.
The last OS monitors the other two.

Has nothing to do with Kinect or Television.


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If they want similar functionality they need similar quantities. Do you disagree?
Stated in such a simplistic fashion, yes, I absolutely disagree. There are many ways to achieve similar functionality and how it's achieved also depends on baseline OS architecture which is still going to be very different between the two.


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You're misinterpreting the messaging MSFT has had vs their functions in the box.

MSFT presented Xbone as a TVTVTV box from the get go while Sony has been steadfast on the games since the beginning.

In what world do you think anyone here would be upset about multitasking? Keeping this on the PS side since this is a PS4 thread - If you look at Vita, you can see the progression in how good the OS can work with games running and be able to handle multiple functions that not even 360 and PS3 can do. It's not about what you're saying it's about.
multitasking what? all the shit MS got bagged on from the get go. bank on it. sony will be playing catch up. sony 180 on game focused console turned media box.
I imagine Sony is envisioning PS4 to be able to jump around between games, media apps, os dash, etc without every having to reload any of the above. It would be cool to be able to switch mid-game to netflix or a web browser, watch a show or do a quick search and switch back to the game without having to reload the game. Having a high ram ceiling for this type of stuff is the only way for that to work. MS is doing the same with Xbox One.

If you don't give a damn about the multitasking stuff, I can see why this is upsetting. On the plus side, there's a good chance Sony will give a good chunk of that reserved ram back to devs over time. The question is how much.
I'd rather have more RAM for games than for the OS. I don't really care about recording or streaming my gameplay or any of the other features that a robust OS would allow. I'd rather use those resources for games even if a lot of games wouldn't even need it. I'm hoping this isn't true.
This seems like a good thing, it will force lazy devs to optimize and create their code in an honorable manner (ie, to the metal) vs just pumping out big blobs of data all over the place, using excess energy and resources in the process.


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Most likely use is for a large ram disc to speed up resident app-loading and caching the recorded video data for the share system.

Also given most third-party titles will be multi-platform it makes sense to simply aim to match what the competition are doing because otherwise its unlikely to be actually used, and keeping an extra gig potentially aside for first-party/exclusives is a nice way to gain a march on the competition.

Data streaming (from HD) isn't going to be going away anytime soon so the actual impact on performance is negligable.


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Why the hell do you have 30 tabs open?
I've opened up every tab in my favorites and used about 7GB. I've ran around 20 games at once and used about 14GB. Those games varied from small indies to big games like Bioshock/Borderlands 2 and a others.

I'm not an expert on how this runs in comparison to PS4 but it's obviously a hard limit once you hit too much memory usage. Vita can launch a few apps but it prohibits you from certain things even if the functionality is better than PS3/360.


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Well, here's the kicker: A few weeks back there was a comment from a developer saying that they were scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do with the extra ram -->

My guess is that Sony thought that if developers weren't going to be using all of the 8GB then they might as well put it to some use. So now the OS resembles Home and as the world loads about you, you're able to go into a virtual game store and pick the games with your Home avatar. Want to launch the game? You walk from the store to your virtual gameroom in Home and then put the game into the virtual PS4 and then look for your virtual controller in your gameroom and then boot the virtual console and then select the game and then play it!

Do you want to chat with a friend? You go out into the streets in Home and then yell for your friend until he shows up and then you invite him to your gameroom and then go through the same process. Now, in the virtual Home world, it seems like you guys are sitting in the same virtual couch and playing split screen, but in reality each one of you guys are at home, playing over PSN. It's genius, really!
Dude, no just no..

I don't want to virtually walk into my game store and pick up a game I own then go through all these unnecessary steps to play it from within some virtual world.

Really go out in the street and yell for your friend.

OK the more I'm reading this the more it's seeming like a joke post to me. I took the bait.
I was never one of those fanboy persons who thought it was fun to ridicule the Xbox One over its disadvantage of RAM and the OS taking up 3GB of space, nor will I ridicule Sony for doing the same with their system.

Anyone with a bright mind will know that 4.5-5 GB will be enough for any game that is going to be released now and in 5 years from now.