Funniest moments in gaming this year

Dax01 said:
Spoiler for Gears 2:
When Cole Train grabs the mic.
This is up there. Also, there were some pretty good moments from the Smash Bros thread, namely that pic of Snake and ZSS that has already been posted. I know there was a Fox and Diddy gif around for a while, but I can't remember what it was about. I'm sure there are others I am completely glossing over, but I am still groggy and have just woken up from an accidental nap.


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Linkzg said:
Fatty Banjo and self hating in Banjo Nuts
Definitely the most I've laughed in a game probably since Psychonauts, which is sad. Why aren't there more funny games =(

Gaming News wise, the reactions of FFXIII on 360 were priceless.


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From Lost Odyssey:

*Mack becomes posessed, starts floating, and ghostly tentacles sprout from his body*
Jansen: "Wow, puberty's weird."
Banjo Nuts & Bolts. Like... everything about it. Hilarious stuff.

The mere existence of the Logbox 720 level is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a game. Especially how it glitches in the same way dying 360s do when you bump into stuff. It's a shame the level itself isn't better.
1. The Entire Too Human Saga, especially the bed interview. We need moar of those photoshops.
2. Beyblades
3. The guy with the most epic thread bump ever...3 years after he predicted a DC versus MK game would happen, it did.

That's my list.


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TheMissingLink said:

Was that this year?
I take that back, this is definitely the funniest thing I've seen in gaming this year. The only thing that came close was that MK vs DC thread getting bumped, but this won out easily because of the Photoshops. :lol