GameKeysNow: 'Watch Dogs set to release on Friday, April 25th'

We are hearing from multiple sources that Ubisofts Watch Dogs is set to release on April 25th 2014.

Previously set to launch late last year the title was delayed shortly before release in order to add more polish. Now it seems the buffing is almost complete and the game that has wowed critics at the last two E3 trade shows is set to finally grace us with its presense. on the unusual Friday release date:
The release date falls on a Friday. Although most video games are released on Tuesdays, there are a few instances, such as the upcoming “inFamous: Second Son,” of software products launching on the last working weekday of the week. The PS4 and Xbox One were also released on Fridays.
GameKeysNow was also the first to report the February PlayStation Plus content for Europe, before it was officialy announced by Sony.

Saw this mentioned in the other Watch Dogs thread. I thought this would deserve its own thread. If not, send this thread to outer space to never be seen again.
Friday seems like a good day. Before, Ubi seemed to be sending it to die at launch with so many other games to compete against (including AC4). Now, it will release alone that day and should catch the news cycle spotlight for the remainder of the week after any games that launch on that Tuesday.

Now to see what they've done with all of this extra development time.
Games release on Friday in the UK and Ireland, so a Friday release isn't an oddity. Expect it on the Tuesday in the U.S. I'd imagine and Wednesday in mainland Europe.
Exactly- depending on where this website is located, a Friday is normal. Other parts of Europe, such as Germany usually have Thursdays, with America getting their games on Tuesdays.
I agree, sounds like a good time to pick up a game, after some of the other big guns have already come out. I'll probably still be playing Dark Souls II, but that doesn't mean I can't start a new game by then.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Uh, I'd take the word of a CD key reseller with the world's largest grain of salt. What's more likely: that the site has actual sources or that it's just trying to secure more pre-orders in light of recent news?
That huge delay better mean it's as polished as a Nintendo game. Otherwise what is the point of the delay? Will try the Wii U version maybe...I have PS3 & PS4 too.

I totally thought this wasn't coming until later, maybe early Summer? It would be nice to have it by June, but a lot of the news seems to suggest it wouldn't be before that?