Games with good UI's

What are some good examples of games with easy to use UI's.

Tells me how many players are in my lobby, what gun I'm going into the match with and gets the fuck out of my way is why I like Call of Duty's 7th generation's menus.
I love how well integrated Automata's UI is. It's literally your character's OS overlay and can be disabled piecemeal by simply unequipping certain modules. It's also to immerse the player even further by having enemy attacks actually scramble or remove it entirely.

I loved Split Second's UI, at least while you're in a race. Most of the relevant stuff was actually directly behind and below the car in a way that was surprisingly easy to perceive and understand. A lot of racing games are putting far too much on the screen.
Semi related. I loved that BotW had a "pro" UI, with less clutter, it made the game great.
I just got horizon and it has lots of UI options, you can disable and enable some elements, made them disappear, stay on all the time, is super cool and I would love if more games had this level of customization in the future.
What is it exactly that you guys like about the game UI's you've named so far? Is it the way it looks? Part of it seems to be the customizability, what else?
the world of warcraft people
GOAT best UI ever you can adjust it to your will.
Evidently they adjusted it to "Cancer" lol

My personal favorite, no surprise to any who know me, is the Metroid Prime series. EDIT: Couple of you guys agree it seems.

Clean, always present but never in the way. Only the necessary information and the information presented is easy to understand.
Morrowind vanilla:

You could move every window around, expand, dock some etc.
Oblivion was the beginning of the end at Bethesda truly. Although I like the attention to details in fallout4 pipboy.
Hi. What game is this? Is GalCiv 3?

And people. Please. Put the name of the game when you post a picture.

About Morrowind: Yes!!!! That UI is great. You can even leave some windows open while you are outside menus.

About Dead Space: One of the most original UI I have seen (and I still haven't played that game)

About Metroid Prime 3: The bars on the top are battery indicators for your wiimote.