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gamescom 2021 |OT| The ♥ of gaming


Ending your games show on a two year old game?

Sacha Baron Cohen Thumbs Up GIF by Amazon Prime Video


Doesn't this just make the game incredibly easy and automated? I'm confused - this seems like new game + stuff that'll mean first time players will have a completely different experience.


Am I the only one who feels like gaming has become too PG-13?
Even the Saint's Row trailer, all I could think when I heard it had been announced was '' in current year? '' then I watched the trailer and yeah...

Western games in particular just feels so stale and like they were created by suits in a boardroom there's something so lifeless about them.
Even Asian games sorta get watered down for the West too, Amazon's marketing for Lost Ark is just baffling look at the cover art and what they did to the characters.
They deliberately '' uglified '' them and even added more cloth just to cover up the cleavage on the martial artist, reduced the chest on the summoner and placed her hair to cover any hint on it and ofc angled the Assassin not to show anything xD......
Even in the armor preview on the character creation did they change the armors that are previewed to be more PG-13.

The only thing you really get is violence or disgusting things but even then the violence honestly to me for the most part feels very PG-13 too with some extremely rare exceptions.
Like ofc DOOM is going to be violent and I think the recent games have been really good.
But for the most part games just feel like they've been compromised by the marketing department.

Edit: In regards to Aloy I really have no clue why she's so popular her popularity feels so artifical too.
She has the personality of a plank and her design is frumpy as hell, she's just all-around really dull.
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If this was a true sim, Sam would be rubbing one out to a Hooters mag at the end of the day. Kojima needs to step up his realism.


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Straight up Metal Gear with those action missions, holy shit. Even the background music is Metal Gear.

What the fuck.


If this was a true sim, Sam would be rubbing one out to a Hooters mag at the end of the day. Kojima needs to step up his realism.
Hooter's mag? He'd probably use VR/AR porn wtih an tactile feedback vagina.

But you're right Kojima should let us watch Sam cum, scrunched up o-face and all.
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This was the best show of the last couple of years as I went in with zero expectations and it was not overhyped so I had a pretty good time. Saw some decent games.


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What? This jetboots addon is probably the worst added feature i've yet seen in any game. You just basically ruined the whole game. Genius.
Seriously wtf.
The game was about on foor survival with traversal challanges.
If they just added safe mode with no mules and no BTs, I would be super happy.
I hope there will be a ps5 update for standard edition too
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