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GameSpot says Scalebound, Gears Of War 4 coming to PC, then mentions it was a mistake


Quantum Break's PC edition is the latest in Microsoft's wider push to expand its games across console and PC. Games currently in development for both platforms includes Gears of War 4, ReCore, Scalebound, and Fable Legends.
Source (Gamespot)

Update: Gamestop just removed that bit. Jumped the gun or false info? We will literally never know folks


Calm down folks.

Not believing that until there's a better source. Seems like a miscommunication. Something like that wouldn't be announced with an offhand sentence like that.
As an owner of an Xbox one and ps4 I really don't see the point of owning an Xbox One if you have a PC.
I love both consoles and the exclusives are the reason I have both but if they are going to release them on PC then its going to harm sales.

Great news for pc owners however.


Excellent - will now have to seriously consider getting a gaming rig sorted this/next year. Scalebound will be worth it!

ps3ud0 8)
oh wow Scalebound too? I was never planning on getting a xbone since it made no sense to buy it for like what, 5 games? but with micro releasing their games on PC at least they get some cash out of me.


I planned to buy an Xbox One for Scalebound, but I guess I don't have to anymore. Very nice! Still feels a bit weird, but very nice.


WTF is going on? Is this real life? I'm so happy lol.

Edit: Eh, guess it was too early to reveal this or w/e. They edited the article.


Whoa so Scalebound, Killer Instinct, and Sea of the Thieves, the only three Xbox exclusives I care about, are all coming to PC. I need a new PC!
I gave my Xbox One away to my brother in laws for Christmas and was planning to pick up another one when Scalebound hits...guess thats not happening now. Silly move by Microsoft imo, they're a second place console that isn't competing with the first place one and now there's even less reason to buy one.
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