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Just pay for a month of a paid email account like protonmail or something. It's around £5 or your regional equivalent, then change your email address to your personal one once signed up.

It's less than month of Netflix.
So we are shit outta luck then unless we get access to another paid email.

Like Berserking Guts said, feels like we've been abandoned. I mean I know I don't have much right to moan and complain because I'm a junior member and I only lurked in the GB thread. But I'm sure there are other members here who have been left out in the cold.

Man GAF was one of the only things I could forward to these days and that's been taken from me because this place will never be the same.

Depressing as fuck to be honest.

Don't be silly man. Don't be depressed.
I signed up using the same email I used to sign up here and linked to my GAF account, clicked the verification email and was approved in like 6 hours. It's a pretty simple process and seems to be way faster than GAF was...
Have been loving all the content they have been cranking out lately. Usually this time is a dry period because they are working on game of the year stuff.
It said for me that isn't an approved email for registration.

This is super frustrating. I'm not gonna pay for an email to sign up for a forum, this is absurd.
but you did it to sign up for this one, no?

just pay for an email for 1 month, and afterwards change your account over to gmail or whatever
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