Giant Bombcast - | 10-30-2012 |

Apr 3, 2010
".....and the current state of ethics in game journalism"

Well that should be interesting but I really want to know what Jeff's preferred Doritos and Mountain Dew flavor compilation is.

Also if this thread is a 100 pages long when I wake up I think I will know how this section went down.
Jan 26, 2007
What comment?

If Dorito-gate has killed The Raid then journalism is truly dead and all is lost :(

Fun Fact: This recent uproar over non-endemic product placement might put a bullet in some of the bigger, travel-heavy ideas I've pitched. Maybe that's for the best, maybe the tax on our credibility would be too high. But with the amount of money I wanted to spend shipping the team around the continent and putting on shows it'd be the sort of thing that would need a sponsor, like some sort of "and after the show let's meet up in the Fast Food Restaurant #3 or Big But Failing Tech Retailer #7 Parking Lot" sort of public appearance thing. It's, admittedly, not a great option, but at least it's cleaner than going around and doing verbal mentions of actual games. On top of that, I think going out and filming a world tour kind of thing would be fun.
It's unclear what he's talking about exactly. Doesn't quite match up with what we've heard of The Raid. It sounds more like the World Tour to me, but then again someone responded that Jeff had in fact talked about sponsorship for The Raid.