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God Of War TV Series - Amazon Prime

In case people haven’t figure out, Sony Pictures have a lot of good tv shows in all the streaming platforms ( except Disney + ) but each are exclusive to a streaming platform.
my guess is also like the tv shows, each gaming IP will be tied to a different streaming service! The last of us is on HBO, god of war on Amazon, infamous will be on Netflix etc.
I wouldn't count on that. It all depends on which service wins the bid for a show. They aren't trying to separate them on purpose.


Sony are really jumping the gun on these shows and movies. They should probably wait to see how Ragnorok performs based on the performance of TLOU2, HFW, and GT7.
Yeah I don't get all this hullabaloo about GT7. I have over 30 cars already. I get more than enough free cars just for doing the missions and get plenty of CR. HFW performed great. TL2 still won a ton of awards despite what the average GAFFER thinks. I think you jumped the gun on your reply.
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