Gran Turismo Sport demo coming Oct. 9

High five. You got a G27 too?

You should check out DiRT Rally as well, especially through PSVR. Even if you're just a fan of track racing in particular, it's an incredible, exhilarating experience.
I liked Dirt Rally but was getting murdered on the oval course and just stopped playing at that point. Maybe I should just accept defeat in that section and move on.
I couldn't make the necessary jumping through hoops to get my Logitech GT to work with PS4 so there you have it, I bought 0 racers this generation. If I ever get to it, I'll consider. I'll check out the demo because it's free.

Note: This is a message to Sony. I am willing to pay 30-40usd just for a driver if this is a licensing issue due to MONEYS.

I'm sure people would be outraged to have to pay to get their wheels to work though, if this was an option at all, rather than thanking for the fix, even though they'd be saving 200 dollars because why not.

And this is a message to Logitech: I'm not buying a PS4 compatible wheel thanks.
Totally ( least mostly) different question:

How is the IQ of the base PS4 on a 4K-TV? Will upgrade from my 32", 7 year old LG to a 50" Sony 4K but right now, the pro simply looks like too much of a half step to justify the purchase.

Asking in the thread because i originally planned on spending (part of) the money on a wheel for GT, but i figured the game (well, and "games" in general) will profit more from a bigger screen with better colours etc.

For those who played the beta, how is the IQ on base PS4?
It's really smart to have lobbies in the demo, that way people can group with friends and race together. Much more fun than playing against randoms or AI.

Is it all offline or is it online? Wonder if it's just a bit of a server test to iron out stuff the week before launch, more of a mini open beta than a demo.
Both, there's some offline events and online stuff (matchmaking and lobbies).
Official site and PS Blog have more details:
I think its awesome they're basically allowing us to play a full game demo for a couple days. I'm excited for the game but not 100% sold on the online aspects of the game yet. Will be great to give it a try first.
Page for the demo is up in EU but there is no download link yet. Apparently the demo is 43 Gb.

Edit: link is up. Interesting thing to note, it's called Version beta like the rumor said first and not demo