Gran Turismo Sport demo coming Oct. 9

The hype is getting to almost be too much between the new videos are the screenshots. That combined with finally being able to actually watch all the Super GT races I NEED this game.

As soon as I get home tomorrow I’m doing nothing but playing the beta.
Ummm...has anyone got a link for this on the AU store? There's a banner headline, but it just links to the paid-for games, not the demo...spoke with PS support and they said to keep watching the site, but it's live?

Is the GB one up?
In watching the replays, sound is... mediocre. TBH that's an improvement from poor though, so an upgrade for the series. Was hoping for a lot more in this area :(

I like the spectators walking around in the replays, it makes the tracks feel way more alive. I just love seeing nice replays again full stop, I'd missed them so much in Project Cars. I love the GT feel of the menus too, the polish that was similarly missing from Project Cars.

My first car is a Group B Lancer. While I did enjoy the rallying in the old games, I'm not sure I really missed it. Can we race this class on tarmac tracks, or are they off road only?
I've been really itching for a racing game but I'm not sold on the amount of content personally for me. I'm not much of an online racing person, so I'm curious what's there for me. I want to buy it so hopefully this demo sways me.
I imagine the only reason is that Sony wants it to run on weekdays so they can better monitor server performance etc. when there's more people working on site.