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Halo 5 beta clips leak (sprint, ADS is *not* COD-style) (more clips and info added)


Jun 8, 2004
Why is this even a problem ?

Like , no , seriously guys and gals- what's the big deal if you can look down your weapon to be more accurate ?

And.. while I'm on the subject , how does a sprint button ruin the game exactly ? you can move around a little easier and shoot more accurately. Those both sound like positives to me.

- Full disclosure though - I've never been into competitive FPS gaming, never played a call of duty game for more then 15 minutes (in a local splitscreen game) and with halo in particular I spent more time building stupid crap in Halo Reach' forge mode then doing anything else.


Jun 2, 2013
Dude change your name. You can't make a garbage post like this with the name Ksharp. Go look up the real Ksharp and you will find out why they don't want ADS scrubbing up this game.
Why was my post garbage? Just expressing my opinion after all.

It's perfectly reasonable that 343i wants to evolve Halo the way they see fit. If you don't like it, then don't buy.


Nov 17, 2011
I'll give it a chance. My problems with Halo 4 MP were that the maps were too large, player loadouts existed, and the lack of team doubles at launch.


Jun 24, 2014
Can we start #fixitphil? We need to let Phil Spencer know this isn't going to work.

*kind of serious kind of joking...mainly just sad :(


Jun 29, 2013
Asked around, things can change but, assault rifle got dat ADS too, "pretty much" all the weapons. They're going for that e-sports scene very hard.

I don't see what ADS has got to do with eSports? Like in CS only the auto-snipers have that sight, and no other weapons, and that game's a popular eSports title lol


Oct 1, 2012
Portsmouth, VA
I think the only way it might work is if they make hip-fire viable as in Destiny. Otherwise...eh..

What made more more sad is that, while MC is still playable, Locke really is the primary character. Goddamnit.
Didn't they already come out and say that isn't true?

What does primary even mean or that MC is playable?

Is Locke the center point of the story or do you just play him more in the game. You make it sound as if playing Master Chief is optionally.

Stone Ocean

May 27, 2013
Don't understand the issue. Can't you just not use ADS and sprinting and it would be just like the Halo you've played all these years? How does having more options hurt it?
Because these options need to change other options for the sake of balance otherwise they have no reason to exist. ADS needs to be accurate, so they make hip fire erratic in return. Sprinting needs to be fast, so they make normal walking speed slower in return.

Go play Call of Duty. Don't sprint and only fire from the hip with assault rifles then tell me it doesn't fucking change things.


Nov 3, 2013
Don't understand the issue. Can't you just not use ADS and sprinting and it would be just like the Halo you've played all these years? How does having more options hurt it?
Because its Halo. Halo became a great game because of its play style. Why would they change that now?
Nov 6, 2013
343 is fucking trash.

Thanks for MCC tho
lol, enjoy MCC while you can. Brace yourself for the playlist cut next Fall to make people buy Halo 5. I could see them cutting most of the playlists out and only leave in Halo 2 anniversary mp or some shit.
Dec 9, 2013
I want it.

Sprinting and Aim Down Sights is a standard with most shooters today. I'm glad if they are in Halo 5.

Call of Duty may have popularized those features, but there are a lot of other shooters that use these mechanics like Battlefield, Destiny, or an FPS I personally play a lot of, Payday 2.

Even though it's not the same in 3rd person shooters, the control scheme for aiming in some of them mirrors the aim controls of ADS FPSs [Gears of War and GTA V are some good examples].

I'm glad these features are in Halo 5, and they're sort of overdue at this point. I love playing Halo and have been on board since 1, but as time went by after 3, I felt like the way the game controlled was dated. I did want to go faster, I did want to aim my gun without using binocular-visor-scope things.

They introduced sprinting in Halo: Reach as an armor ability, and just to be able to move quickly on the battlefield I primarily chose this perk [my other preference was Hologram]. When Halo 4 came out, sprinting was a default feature of your Spartan and I liked it. I liked sprinting in Halo 4 so much that I never chose any other Tactical Package over Mobility, just to have unlimited sprint [and I get to keep my Hologram at the same time to boot!].

With sprinting having a slow honeymooning phase with the Halo games, it was only natural for ADS to eventually come to the game, and I'm surprised it took this long. ADS may have been popularized by Call of Duty but they're in a lot of today's mainstream shooters.

Hell, with all the games I've played since Halo 4, I was using ADS on so many FPSs [and even some 3rd Person Shooters were mimicking this ADS layout like Gears of War and GTA V, even with Loadout and Warframe as F2P examples] that by the time I made it full-circle back to Halo 4, I had to change my control layout. I went from using the Right Stick Button for Halo aiming for over a decade to making left trigger my aim button, just because all of the other games I've played made me migrate to it. And despite changing my Halo controls that I was comfortable with for the last 10 years, going to the new style was very quick to adjust to.

So why the hate for Sprinting and ADS in Halo? Because they're not "Halo" things?

New Halo games are never going to be carbon copies of the previous titles, something is going to be changed somehow. Sprinting has been integrated since Reach, it's plain silly to think they were just gonna get rid of it after Halo 4.

And at this point it's not even confirmed if all weapons even have ADS; for all we know it could be ability-specific or weapon-specific [or weapon-attachment specific too]. 343 could've not made MCC and gave Xbox One owners no choice but to have Halo 5 on that platform, but here we are with MCC, 4 old games with the old way of doing things if ADS and Sprinting is really that much of a big deal.

Master Chief is good at what he does because he adapts to the changes of the battlefield, he's ready for any situation at a moments notice. Don't play Halo 5 if you don't want to, you have your old options to fall back on, but not doing it just because of ADS and Sprinting just seems silly to me. The game's gonna evolve whether or not we're there to see it.