Halo |OT15| Beta-tested, GAF approved

Really like that they actually made an behind the scenes video for map pack video while also promoting it. Also, Bravo is associate producer? He making moves!

Co-production with CA. Video has CA designers and artist.
Considering that they had people from CA in the video, it would be a safe bet to say that CA helped with the map pack.
Cool stuff. Reading now!

The skyboxes are really nice.
And pfffft. I wantz the Hornet to return
I think a lot of people were unimpressed by the first load so they tried to improve on the skybox for this map pack.
Also I'd love for every vehicle to make a return.


Modesty becomes a woman
They're fixing instant respawns and making 3 new mid-sized maps?

I may have to watch this thread to see if I should rent it again and try it out.

Too bad they'll never fix the ridiculous auto-aim.

Was there a new Spops today? I didn't see the episode on youtube yet.

e: wait did they fix instant respawns already?
Maps look neat. I can't really get excited about them but hopefully they're fun.

The fact that Infinity FFA is being advertised as something that's either new or good is pretty laughable though.