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Halo |OT8| A Salt on the Control Room

The Librarian

Apr 22, 2008

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09/05 | Deadly Cyclone's write-up.

09/04 The final part of GhaleonEB's Megapost: click here. Cyren and Biggy debut a video from PAX.

09/03 | GhaleonEB Megapost: Part 2. Wahrer's effective guide to all the weapons announced so far in Halo 4, and what you can expect to see. Naked Eli submitted another video. Nexy from THC has a video of his up. Steelyuhas' megapost.

09/02 | GhaleonEB Megapost: Part 1.

09/01 | Bravo released a second video. Heckfu on regicide. 343 released a ViDoc: A Hero Awakens. Cyren's list of of what was talked about at the panel. Heckfu spoke with Kevin Franklin; read about it here. GIFS! Plywood's Tashi's, Zeouter's, and Over's. Finally, Homeboyd's very useful post listing many of the videos that have been recorded from the PAX show floor, among other things (updated).

08/31 | A new video for the webseries "Forward Unto Dawn" made its way out. A short video of the new map Exile was exciting to see. Geoff Keighley said he'll have information about Halo 4 in an episode of GTTV. Bulletpoint changes from Cyren and u4ix. Bravo released a video from PAX. As did Naked Eli. Take a look at Hitmonchan's impressions of Halo 4 for the day here. And here is Der Flat's post listing all known tacticals/specs/AAs and what they do.

08/26 | Episode 8 of HaloGAF radio released.

08/23 | IGN interview with Neil Davidge about Halo 4's soundtrack. The weekly Bulletin was released, and it gave more details about the soundtrack, the Soundtrack LE, and...achievements! Those sensitive to spoilers: beware!

08/15 | New info and pics about the contents of the Limited Edition are available here.

08/15 | Lots of new information on Specializations, from today's Bulletin and updated on the Halo 4 Waypoint page.

08/15 | 343 has released the behind the scenes trailer initially released in theaters, this time set to a new piece of music for online viewing. Youtube version here. .gifs galore here! Find the IGN one on your own. :p

08/14 | IGN has a breakdown of several new Specializations in Halo 4, here.

08/12 | 343 has released a showcase video on the UNSC weapons in Halo 4. Additional details on the UNSC weapons are the weekly bulletin.

08/01 | New pics of the Limited Edition contents. Looking sexy.....

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The Librarian

Apr 22, 2008
Okay. The OP has been updated. I'll go over the last few pages of OT7 to see if I missed anything.

If anybody notices I've missed something, let me know.


NeoGAF's smiling token!
May 27, 2009
Godawful title.

Maybe you guys can take some ritalin and slow the fuck down in this thread, mmmkay?
Jul 30, 2010
Alright, so someone fill me in on this Halo Council drama. I was making dinner when it all unfolded.

If you're wondering, I cooked two filets in a cast iron skillet and it was delicious.


May 11, 2010
At the Cairo, John was getting the R&R he was waiting for. He lay in a hot tub, wolfing down cheeseburgers. He was in the Cairo's Public Recreational Facility. After finishing off his burger, he stood up and was about to reach for a towel when a totally naked Miranda Keyes walked in. "AARGH!!" She screamed and quickly stumbled out of the room, hands covering her breasts.

John stood there, mouth open.


He whirled around and saw Cortana with a huge smirk on her face. She had materialized just in time to see the naked Commander walk in. She found it quite funny to watch. Though to be honest, she was quite jealous of the Master Chief, he would get to experience the joy of sex. Cortana had searched the entire web and found everything she could about sex. She knew that it was fun and pleasurable to humans and the more she found out the more she became jealous. She had found an article about this thing she found difficult to understand, it was about lesbians. The more she studied it the more she realized that was who she was. Cortana calculated that according to her sexual preference she would be labeled as a 'lesbian' and not a heterosexual. And then, about a week ago, she began to feel it, it was a longing for physical contact. A contact that she knew she would never get. And she knew she wanted it with Miranda Keyes. After a while she started using the word love, she loved Miranda Keyes. But all of this was irrelevant, she could never become human.


Dec 19, 2011
This OT will fly by. With FanExpo next week and PAX the week after, this thread will be impossible to keep up with.