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News Halo TV Show Will Depict Master Chief In A Way Different To The Games (Please don't ruin him, Please)


Jul 6, 2021
The Halo TV series will depict Master Chief in a different way than the video games, showing Chief outside of his suit for the first time in 20 years.

The planned Halo television series for Paramount+ will reportedly portray the iconic protagonist, Master Chief, in a different way than what gamers have seen in the video games. The upcoming live-action series, based on the hit video game series, will focus on the 26th-century war fought between the alien Covenant and the United Nations Space Command. Halo is set to weave personal stories within the war with action and adventure, which gives the series an opportunity to explore its character’s motivations.

In the video game franchise, Master Chief is a Spartan supersoldier that was raised from childhood for combat. Rarely seen without his iconic green-colored helmet and armor, he is almost faceless and most often goes by his naval rank rather than his birth name. In the game, the character is voiced by Steve Downes, who modeled his personification of Master Chief similar to that of a Clint Eastwood-type of character, which means he’s a man of few words. Though the character’s visual design has received revamping and updates with each new appearance, his personality has largely remained the same.

Probably the biggest challenge with adapting the game is, the game is designed to put you in Chief's armor. What we're asking people to do with the show is sort of sit back, and we're going to present a side of Chief that you just don't get to play in the game.

While the video games present Master Chief as a playable character where players assume the role of the warrior, the television series will remove the audience from that control. The audience will no longer be in the head of Master Chief, they will be on the outside looking in. Because of that, the creators behind the series have to portray the character in a way that better serves the medium. Another key difference is that Master Chief will be played by another actor. Pablo Schreiber will portray the character in the live-action adaptation, essentially giving the character an entirely new voice as well.

Though fans may be a little reluctant to see this new version of Master Chief, it may ultimately end up for the better. Critics of the video game series often paint Master Chief’s faceless and silent nature as a weakness more than a strength. Bringing that same bland personality to a series would be boring and forgetful. By depicting Master Chief in a different way than the games, it sets up the Halo series as something unique and memorable.
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May 17, 2019
Critics of the video game series often paint Master Chief’s faceless and silent nature as a weakness more than a strength. Bringing that same bland personality to a series would be boring and forgetful.
You either depict him like he is in the games or in the books. That's the only way you present a "different side".

it sets up the Halo series as something unique and memorable.


Jul 6, 2021
You either depict him like he is in the games or in the books. That's the only way you present a "different side".

He needs to be faithful to his character.

Last month, I watched a nice netflix series.

The manga is atrocious. Its borderline garbage. And it was made after the show. The show literally had the characters fleshed out, gave them good settings, and didn't whore the characters. The manga just spit on it, and trampled on the work of the series. I felt soo much rage in me, after reading couple chapters.

When you do that to a story, you make it horrible.
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Jul 31, 2006
He's going to be much more humanized. We'll get an arc depicting him as a child, learning the art of war. A cute girl will catch his eye and they'll have a scene where they wrestle and she bests him, Nala-style. They'll get closer as they get older and that tension will carry through the series.

We'll have the scene where he thinks he's hot shit and then gets humbled by the wizened old instructor (probably missing an eye) with a tough as nails exterior but who really has a soft spot for John in the end. This guy will die heroically and john will carry his memory in his heart. There will probably be flashbacks later in the series where John remembers lessons taught to him by this gruff but golden-hearted old man.

Best friend will die at some point.

He'll have a rival as well but they'll end up respecting one another. This may lead to alove triangle.
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Ozzy Onya A2Z

Apr 16, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
We need to understand what Chief feels, how anxiety has riddled him since losing Cortana, how loud sounds now trigger inaction from him and above all else his imposing shadow forever scarring him as it follows him everywhere he goes mimicking his every move. /S

This show, like Infinite, has far too much to live up to for meeting first expectations let alone exceeding them. Perhaps on a second rewatch it may be something to stand on its own but it has zero chance of living up to what fans have built up in their own imaginations. Good luck with such a handed around and reworked movie/show over the last decade plus. I truly hope it's something extra special for Halo but I doubt it so much. Again they could have just tasked Blur to do full blown movies every 2 years, had complete control over the creative and we'd have had an amazing story arc fully realised a number of times by now.
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May 10, 2012
Hollywood treats fan service as if it's some disgusting practice that's beneath the repertoire of an AcClAiMeD HoLlYwOoD WrItEr while in reality it should be your number one priority.

Imagine taking a franchise like Halo and have the fucking audacity to say "yeah that master chief guy is boring and forgettable as shit, so we're gonna show him out of his suit and give him more feelings and stuff".. Just who the fuck do you think you are? And who are you appealing to at this point? You should probably cater to the fans of the series, not spit in their faces.


Jul 6, 2021
WTF? Where has this come from? One of the main criticisms of the more recent games has been that Chief talks too much. The whole original intent for him was to be an empty shell that the player could assume.
That is Hollywood for you.
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Jun 13, 2013
"You know, Chief - we are are Combat Evolved".

I'd wager the best way to present the Chief on film is not to focus on him as any kind of protagonist. I'd present him more like Christ's depiction in the Charlton Heston Ben Hur, where he turns up from time to time, but we're focused more on his impact than on him as a character. Halo has room for lots of interesting characters, so I hope they take a more side-glance approach to Chief.
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Jan 18, 2012
Hard to "ruin" one of the more generic characters in gaming history. The space to expand the character is there and "fans" who want more of the "strong, silent type. . ." MC in a live-action adaptation, clearly don't know what works in the television medium. . .usually.
Oct 16, 2017
So, another Dragonball Revolution, then?

The DR film was so badly received that it got the creator off his ass and started Dragonball Super. Because there is such a thing as offensively bad. You can tell when the people making the film actual felt disdain for the source material. Clearly there was a different movie that someone wanted to make, and they retroactively decided to put "Halo" in the name to help sell it. That was what happened with Starship Troopers.
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Halo is Dead

May 20, 2018
I actually don't think there is anything inherently wrong with bringing some more in-depth personality to the Chief. Film is a different medium and needs to be adjusted as such. The question remains, will they actually go about making a meaningful change or crap all over the source material?

One of the best aspects of Halo 4 was cementing Cornana's and Chief's relationship, so it's not impossible or crazy imo. It will all come down to the execution of said ideas but I have very little faith.


Mar 31, 2014
This was the one that made Miranda Keys a scientist for some reason, right?



Dec 4, 2018
the show is not canon, therefore noone should care, I certainly won't watch it... why should I?
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Dec 27, 2018

Probably relevant.
Love it. Especially the part about one's investment in something, and why these people react the way they do when the franchise gets fucked up by a modern day remake, sequel, whatever.


Gold Member
Oct 22, 2013
Oh ffs, this franchise is going downhill.

They're going to butcher Master Chief, aren't they?