Has amiibo gone too far? (Twilight Princess HD)

I do wish they would allow mirrored mode without the difficulty being upped. The amiibos aren't really a concern for me, but that's entirely contingent on people actually being able to buy the little shits without paying a scalper 200%-300% MSRP.

Or better yet, wii version mirror mode available from the the start, and hero mode is OG gamecube version with 2x as much damage..


No, this is where it should have been at day 1. Amibos have always been DLC in the form of fancy statues, but the contents been stuck between almost nothing and non-existent.
I have no interest at all in Amiibos, and will not buy a single one of them.

I can see how they have been extremely successful for Nintendo, and thus I think Nintendo will almost certainly lock more content behind them on the NX, to tempt more and more of the fence-sitters into getting them.

For me, though, the upshot is that I won't be buying an NX at launch, which is a pity, because I did so with all Nintendo's earlier consoles. I'll wait and see how it pans out. If you can play the games I like (2D and 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong) without needing Amiibos, for any content that I'm interested in, then I'll get one. If there are extra levels / tracks / dungeons or whatever that you need plastic figures for, then I'll just reluctantly have to admit that Nintendo's console isn't what I want any more, and restrict my custom to Sony and possible Microsoft.

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Nintendo doesn't really have direct control of the price of their used games... though you'll be happy to know it'd be more expensive to get a copy of Melee if you were to buy it now.

Not directly, but keeping MSRP at full price for so long of their title also keeps the prices up in the used market.
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