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Having a shower is such a chore in winter


Apr 15, 2019
Didn't the original American pioneers used to sew themselves (and their kids) into their clothes for the Winter? I always assumed those America 'onsies' originated from this tradition, with the 'trapdoor' the only way males and females could relieve themselves in the Winter months.

On the flip side, I smelled the fur of my cat recently- it it had a better scent than anything Humans gain from all their washing chemicals. It doesn't seen logical that just a cat's tongue does better on fur than anything I use on my hair.

Of course, in the modern world, those nations that process cold the best don't have citizens shivering indoors all throughout the Winter. Look at Siberia for instance, or even Moscow. Or go back to the Roman nobs in their villas in Britian, with their underfloor heating systems- they probably spent most of Winter near naked indoors, and certainly wouldn't have avoided thier saunas or baths.

Being cold is a very backward way to live, even in the coldest climates. Man solved the tech issues, as I said, even in the Roman Age. So if your local masters deem it acceptable for their sheeple to freeze in their homes (green sh-t inflating the cost of heating etc), something is badly out of wack.


Oct 16, 2018
My turn now.

It's 9 degrees here now.

What goes around comes around.



Gold Member
Jan 12, 2018
45F is cold? For me thats just enough to wear shorts.

I guess Im just used to Minnesota’s -20F (-29C) winter spells.