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Hideo Kojima Wanted Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake To Have a More ‘Indiana Jones’ Style Title


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

This second installment wasn't always going to be called Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake as Hideo Kojima recently stated.

According to a couple of posts on his Twitter profile, the famed Japanese director has said that this particular Metal Gear game was going to have a somewhat different title. Kojima says that he wasn't happy putting "Metal Gear2" into the name, and instead wanted something that was more in the style of Indiana Jones. In other words, he was more interested in dropping the first part of the name and would probably have called the sequel "Solid Snake." Of course, this didn't come to fruition, but Kojima agreed with the sales team to a compromise, so both titles were used.



Metal Gear and Metroid and Tomb Raider are franchises which all, in hindsight, probably should have gotten away from their brand names and now are stuck with a theme/opponent that doesn't always make sense or has to keep an element shoehorned in for the brand to still make sense.

(In Tomb Raider's case, they did consider rebranding it for character Lara Croft several times or reconceiving Croft as a "digital actress" starring in other types of games; they could have pulled off a name switch in Angel of Darkness, but Eidos would never have let Core go without the moneymaker brand name.)


Quake was the name of John Carmack's D&D character, but his character Quake didn't appear in the games at all.

This sort of rebranding reminds me of Pitch Black being retitled to "Chronicles of Riddick". Don't know how successful that was, but if I remember right the follow-up movies were kind of bad, though the game was good.


Solid Snake (why did it have to be...snakes?) and the Temple of the Last Crystal Skull
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